5 Simple Tips to Remember while Buying a Suit


Every man should have at least one suit hanging in his wardrobe. A suit makes you look classy and handsome and at the same time gives you a feeling of being in control. A suit to a man is what a red lipstick is to a woman. So if you are just heading out for buying a suit for yourself, you might want to stop and read this article. Here are some of the basic rules you should know about before adding a suit to your wardrobe.

5 Tips to Remember while Buying a Suit

5 Simple Tips to Remember while Buying a Suit

1) Know what you are looking for

Do you need a formal suit to attend meetings or are you looking for a suit that will earns you compliments and look more fun and less formal? The 2 areas that determine how dressy a suit are the pockets and the labels.

2) Know the Three Standard Suit Colors

Grey is universal, it is perfect for pleasure as well as business and coveys that you are good and an honest man. Blue gives you a sporty look, it isn’t really somber . Do not choose black unless you wish to ace the look of a butler or that of a funeral director.

3) Go get that Suit Tailored

Even James Bond has to get his suit tailored! You will most likely have to get the pants or sleeves shortened. A small secret unknown by most men, the brands make their pants and sleeves of their suits little long. The reason behind doing so is to ensure that the suits fit men with small, medium as well as large sizes. So, always get your suit tailored.

4) Don’t let Style Bloggers tell you what looks good

Your mirror will tell you exactly how you look in your suit and whether you should buy that suit or not. Its okay to check out these blogs for a few tips but do not rely on them completely. There are various suits for various men. If one suit looks good on your friend, it is not necessary that it will look good on you too. A juicy guy will rock a suit with extremely slim 2 inch lapels along with a skinny tie! But if your height is a bit short, then chances are you might look boxy while trying to pull this look. You should go for a longer jacket as well as pants, it will make you look taller and dashing.

5) Don’t be afraid to drop some cash

Don’t hesitate to invest in a nice suit. Especially if it your first suit. It is okay to splurge on a suit. Your suit will make you look classy for meetings, dashing for parties and gain you a few compliments when you attend a wedding. Every man should have a perfect suit hanging in his wardrobe. It will make you look good and feel good.

So, now that you know these 5 basic rules, you can rush to buy yourself a nice suit!

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