Simple Steps to do Mime Makeup


Applying mime makeup looks very tough but it in fact is very easy. Mime makeup is very fun to do and can be done very easily just by following certain steps. If you are dressing up for Halloween , or you are a budding mime or if you just want to do mime make up for fun, you have come to the right place. Once you learn how to apply mime makeup , you can ace the look of a professional mime artist. But do not forget , being mime is all about being silent and doing a lot of actions.

Simple Steps to do Mime Makeup

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Read These Simple Steps Below to do a Mime Makeup.

1) Cover your entire face with mime makeup

The most striking feature of this mime makeup is the white face. All mimes coat their face with special makeup( either cake, grease white or clown white) to make their face look as white as a blank canvas. Details around the eyes can differ from one person to another but a white face is very vital and is standard. But make sure that you stop at the jawline. Don’t blend onto the neck and fill in your eyebrows with white. This will prove to be useful later.

2) Using the black face paint, paint the lower lash line thickly.

Paint your lower line thickly but also ensure that you paint your upper eyelid too. Make sure that the top connects with the bottom. Do this for both your eyes.

3) Locate the center of the lower lash line.

Use the corner of a makeup sponge or a small brush for drawing a point that goes down only about one inch. At the bottom of that point , flick a painting tool so that it makes a thin and short line. Do this for both of your eyes. . The deep black around the eyes works perfectly with the white face.

4) Color in the lips

From the sides of your lips, draw thin lines just one inch out. Some mimes color their lips black while others design a little red bow of a mouth. If you are coloring your lips a bright beautiful red then wearing a white and black ensemble will attract lot of focus to your face and will give a dramatic effect. If you are opting for a white and black make up then this ensemble will work perfectly with it.

5) Increase the eyebrow thickness

This step is not necessary but you can use a black paint to create medium thickness eyebrows over your real ones. Be expressive and have fun!

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6) Add the blush

You can make use of a bright red blush. Just brush it on the center of your cheeks. Make one dot about the diameter of your powder brush or blush to bring a bit of color on your face.

Your mime makeup is complete. Just grab a beret and a pair of gloves, a striped shirt, suspenders, and black pants. You are now a perfect mime!

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