Simple Home made Face Packs for Beautiful Skin


If you go to your nearby store, you will find hundreds of make up products. Lotions for glowing skin, oils for soft skin, foundations for blemish free skin and what not. These make up products may prove to be effective when used but in the long run, these cosmetics can harm your skin and make it skin appear old and dry. The best way to protect your skin as well as to enhance your looks is to make these simple, safe and incredible face packs. And the best thing about these face packs is that you can make these at home with the ingredients available in your very own kitchen.

Some Simple Home made Face Packs for Beautiful Skin are listed below:

Honey and Milk Face Pack

1) Honey and Milk Face Pack

Honey is a blessing in disguise for those who are tired of acne covered face . Milk is not just good for the bones but also for the skin. It is a wonderful skin cleanser. Mixing pure milk and honey and applying this pack on your skin can make your skin look radiant and lively. Pour some pure milk in a bowl and a little honey to it. Clean your face prior to applying this pack. Massage for about 2 minutes in circular motions. Now leave the pack on your face for twenty minutes and then rinse it off.

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Banana and Almond oil Face Packs

2) Banana and Almond oil Face Pack

Bananas are loaded with vitamin C which assists in improving the skin complexion. Almonds are packed with essential vitamins such as D, A and E that act as natural antioxidants and improve the skin health. Mixing almond oil and bananas and applying it on your skin can do wonders for your skin. Mash one banana and turn it into a smooth paste. Now apply little almond oil and stir well. Apply this face pack for about twenty minutes and then rinse.

Orange Peel and Sandalwood Face Packs

3) Orange Peel and Sandalwood Face Pack

Sandalwood and orange peel powder is the best remedy for getting rid of blackheads. This face packs helps in helps in removing the sun tan as well as the black patches and enhances the skin tone. All you have to do is create a mixture of sandalwood powder and orange peel powder by adding a few drops of water. Apply this pack on your face pack and leave it for twenty minutes. Rinse well.

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Turmeric and Gram Flour Face Packs

4) Turmeric and Gram Flour Face Pack

A face pack made with turmeric and gram flour is just what your skin needs. It can add a lovely glow to your skin and turn your dry skin into soft and silk like skin. It also removes all the dead cells and impurities from your skin. Just take some turmeric paste and add gram flour to it. Make a good mixture by adding one tablespoon of milk and stir for some time. Clean your face and then apply this face pack. Allow it for about fifteen to twenty minutes and then rinse it off with water.

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