Simple and Easy Tips to Get Rid of Tattoos


Are you regretting getting a tattoo? Most of the people complain that they got inked with certain designs, certain words which doesn’t appeal to them anymore and they long to get rid of the tattoos as soon as possible. If you are one of those people who are searching the internet since ages to find a few good methods to get rid of the unwanted tattoos, you have arrived at the right article. Instead of regretting, read these beneficial methods which will surely help you. Listed below are a few professional methods as well as some home solution. Professional methods are expensive but they are more effective than the home remedies.
Listed below are some of the best ways to get rid of tattoos :

get rid of tattoos naturally

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Using Professional Tattoo Removal

1) Consider laser surgery from a reputable cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist :

Laser tattoo removal is one of the methods that does not include cutting of skin , instead it uses pulses of light at an extremely high concentration to get rid of the tattoo.

♥ Your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist will have a consultation with you regarding the treatment options as well as the number or laser sessions that will needed to remove your tattoo. Though considered as one of the safest and effective ways to remove tattoos, laser tattoo removal can lead to pain in the lasered area, scabbing, blisters and scarring.

♥ Usually a local anaesthetic gel is given to the patients before undergoing the laser treatment.

♥ Remember that a professional tattoo removal is a cosmetic procedure and wont be covered by your medical insurance.

2) Consult your doctor regarding surgery

If you have a small tattoo then you can actually remove the tattoo ( as well as the skin) completely.

♥ Your doctor will make use of a scalpel and remove your tattoo, cinching edges if your skin together resulting into a small scar.

♥ If you have a big tattoo, you can still opt for this method but it will a lot of treatment as well as a skin graft to get rid of it.

3) Ask your doctor about chemical peels and cryosurgery :

In cryosurgery, the tattoo is frozen and then burned off using liquid nitrogen. Chemical peels are also the same, they are applied to the leading to blisters and then peel off. But chemical peels as well as cryosurgery can be extremely painful and they do not even remove the tattoos completely. They aren’t as effective as the laser surgery method

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Home Remedies to Get Rid of Tattoos:

1) Try using salabrasion or salt :

Salabrasion is the word used for rubbing your skin with a salt solution, as a result heating it and scrapping away the top layers of the skin as well as the tattoo. This method isn’t as effective as the professional methods and might lead to visible scarring.

2) Research removal creams :

Removal creams are the easiest and the cheapest ways to remove tattoos but they are only effective when used regularly. Tattoo- Off and TatBGone are some of the creams you can use. These creams are expensive and take three to nine months to lighten the tattoos.

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