Signs and Symptoms of Hair Loss


Hair fall is one of the most common problem today and it is not just found in older men and women like in the earlier times but is affecting the younger crowd on a high scale. Hair loss is indeed a worrisome and frustrating problem and can have an adverse effect on the confidence as well as on the self esteem of people. Hair fall when becomes too much can lead to even more problems as well as it becomes harder to treat. Hair loss comes on gradually or suddenly and can affect your scalp as well as your whole body. If you nip the problem in the bud it could make your life easier and you can actually prevent excessive hair fall.

The Effects of Hormones on Hair Loss

Listed below are some of the signs & symptoms of hair fall:

1) Gradual thinning on the top of your head

This is an extremely common condition and it affects both women and men as they age. It is noticed that in men, hair usually starts receding from their forehead in a line which very much look like the letter M. Most of the women usually retain the hairline on their forehead but have a certain broadening of a part in the hair.

2) Patchy or circular bald spots

Many people experience coin-sized, smooth bald spots. This kind of hair loss typically affects only the scalp but a few times it may also appear in eyebrows or breads. In a few cases, the skin tends to become extremely itchy as the hair starts to fall out. This is very painful.

3) Sudden loosening of the hair

An emotional or physical shock can cause your hair to loosen and then eventually break. While washing or combing your hair, you may notice handfuls of hair on the brush or the towel. This situating can be extremely depressing and may put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Some people find too many strands of hair on their hands even after gently tugging their hair. This kind of hair loss doesn’t lead to bald patches but is likely to cause extreme hair thinning.

4) Fully body hair loss

Certain conditions and medical treatments like chemotherapy for cancer can lead to the loss of hair all over the body. This situating can be very worrisome but the hair usually grows back in some time.

5) Patches and spots of scaling that spreads over the scalp

These kinds of patches are a symptom of ringworm. It may even be associated with swelling, redness, broken hair as well as oozing at times.

If you can relate to the signs and symptoms of hair loss mentioned above then it is very vital to get yourself treated before your condition worsens.

Listed below are a few common causes of hair loss:

The exact cause of hair loss are still not known but it is generally related to the following factors-

1) Family heredity
2) Hormonal changes
3) Medical conditions
4) Medications

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