Remedies for Breast Milk Supply Enhancement


All the new mothers have one concern for the new born and that is there should be proper nourishment supply to the baby. Infants or new born thrive on mothers’ milk. Thus the new mother should ensure that she has proper supply of breast milk. Often due to hormonal issues or due to stress the milk supply gets reduced. The other reasons of reduced milk supply can be poor nutrition, poor diet, and use of birth control pills and so on. In such cases a few Remedies for breast milk would work for you. Many nursing mothers face such an issue. If you follow the home remedies as given below then there would be better effect.

Breast Milk Supply enhancements

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Natural Remedies for Increasing Breast Milk Supply

1. Warm compress:

If you want better milk supply and if you have been looking for a natural remedy then perhaps warm compress would work for you. You should dip a cotton cloth in warm water and then slightly press them on the breast area. Likewise both the breasts should be treated with warm compress. There would be increased blood supply in that area and thankfully this would enhance the milk supply.

2. Cumin and fennel mix:

Both cumin seeds and fennel seeds are said to be good for milk supply. Thus there should be an equal mixture of fennel seeds and cumin seeds and this should be boiled in water. This water should be consumed by nursing mother. It has good effect on breast milk. This herbal remedy is very common and many nursing mothers use this and get good effect.

3. Garlic:

This is not a known fact. Many people do not know the benefits of garlic even extend to milk production. Eating raw garlic does help. Everyday the nursing mother should eat some garlic so as to get better milk supply.

4. Drum stick:

Drumstick is rich in certain nutrient that has positive effect on milk supply. This ingredient helps in enhancing the functioning of mammary glands and thus eating boiled drumstick vegetable once in a couple of days also has better effect on milk.

5. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal is rich in iron and thus this would be a positive addition in the lives of nursing mothers. Eating oatmeal in breakfast can give a boost to milk supply. Researches also suggest that oatmeal can reduce stress and balance hormones too. Thus this is like an all round benefit for the nursing mothers.

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6. Carrot and beet soup:

Making soup or juice pout of carrot and beetroot also help a lot. If you are a veggie fan then making this is no big deal. You should have this soup or juice daily and give a boost to milk production.

7. Stay hydrated:

You should drink ample of water as it helps in removing the exhaustion while you breastfeed your baby. Apart from that you should eat other fluids and consume fresh fruits too. Proper nutrition and hydration in lactating mothers can help in supplying proper nutrition to the baby as well.

Apart from the above remedies you should even talk to the gynaecologist in regards to the same as she could suggest a better lactating position.

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