Quick and Easy 5 Minute Office Makeup


We understand that how busy you are and some days you may even run to the office without makeup. Well, this could not give you an appealing and pleasant look. If you think again, you will realize that makeup is not at all a big exercise. You can get it done in 5 minutes too. So, here we give you Quick and Easy 5 Minute Office Makeup tips so that you can look gorgeous and smart at your office too.

The Quick Office Makeup

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The Quick Office Makeup Tips:

• First take an eye shadow primer and apply it over the eye lids. This is because; if by chance it is too hot outside and you have an oily skin then the makeup should not spread. Once you are done with the eye shadow primer, apply the eye shadow. After that apply the eye liner and you are done for the eyes. These steps seem long but they are pretty quick.

• If you have an image of staying naturally gorgeous then perhaps too much dark lipstick would not suit your image. In that case you can stick to natural colors when it comes to lipstick. Apply the tones like pink, light glossy and so on.

• Now, take some baby powder or regular powder and apply it on your face. This would work like a primer and would be time saving too.

• Now take some moisturizer and apply on your face. Now its turn to apply the foundation. Choose the perfect tone as per your complexion. It would be a tricky thing but choose the foundation with care.

• Use blush for your cheeks and highlight some good features on your face.

So, don’t you think that the above makeup was quick? Well, now wear an appropriate dress and accessories. Of course, footwear should complement with your dress. Getting ready for office and applying the makeup seems to be a long process. But it is quite easy. You just have to select the right makeup colors so that the makeup doesn’t look too much and awkward. Choose the makeup colors that complement with your skin and your color.

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Office Makeup is not at all tough and time consuming. If you keep things ready a day before only then you would not find any problem. Just keep ready everything that you may need including the dresses and the makeup items. You will have to carry your lipstick along with you. This is because, after lunch your lipstick may fade away.

Mascara would also look good if you like dramatic eyes. But it is important that your office makeup should not look too much heavy as it would not be good. Now, some women think that everyday she uses the same style of makeup at office and it may seem boring. But in reality, if you have become comfortable with one makeup routine then it would be prudent and wise to stick to the same. Follow this quick makeup routine everyday. We hope you liked this article and you would follow the steps that we have mentioned in the article for office makeup.

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