How to pick a Handbag like a Popstar


Get the best leather handbag and look like a pro doing it


Handbags say a great deal about a person. While Forest Gump may spout off about shoes, I would state that the handbag does more to reveal a person’s character. Think about it. Does the design shout eclectic or minimalist? Does the quality of the leather tell you that the person is thrifty, smart, or cheap? What about the care and maintenance? There are many assessments which can be made by looking at a handbag. This is why it is important to understand how to pick a handbag. Don’t worry, we will guide you and make you look like a popstar in dong it.

Remember that it is an accessory to your wardrobe

The first thing that you must remember when you pick out a handbag is that you are picking out an extension of your wardrobe. Do not clash the styles and the colors. If you primarily browns and blacks then I would look really bad if you got florescent pink. If you have yellow, adding green may give off a earthy sunflower vibe.

Ensure that the bag you pick has similar design traits so that you can pair your handbag with your outfits seamlessly.

Check to ensure that it is real leather

If you are purchasing a leather handbag, ensure that you are getting the real deal. This is really important when picking out softer leathers such as nubuck leather or suede as the imitations can sometimes be hard to spot. To look like a popstar, know the difference between a real and a fake.Look for the stamp saying genuine leather or for a tag with validation. If you are purchasing from a local artisan, look closely at the skin of the handbag for pores. If the leather has uniform pores then it is more than likely a fake (our pores do not line up in even tiled rows). However, if you spot imperfections and some randomness, then the odds are favorable that it is real.

Measure the thickness of the leather

Different products call for different thicknesses in leather. Nubuck leather tends to be on the thinner side as the skin is sanded down to give that nice soft feel. Cowhide is generally thicker. For a handbag, the materials used are typically mid-range apart from any straps which may attach to it.

Knowing the thickness is critical to finding top quality products. The wrong gauge of leather shows a lack of experience on the manufacturer’s part and may give an indication that the handbag is not designed for durability and design.

Turn the bag inside out

It may sound a bit weird, but you can find out more about a handbag from the inside then the outside. The outside of the bag is trumped up in many situations to attract the eye and push the sale. Yet, it is the inside where you can find those small details which separate the luxury bag from the mass marketed products. Look at any linings for tears. Observe the stitching of the leather and check for any frays in the thread. Where the leather joins together, see if there is any noticeable glue residue.

Was the bag made for you or the market?

Perhaps one of the best tips for choosing a popstar quality handbag is to see if it is one of a kind. The easiest way to do this is to look at the sides of the interior leather. If the bag claims to be handmade, then the seams will not be uniformly cut (it is impossible to do). You will see some signs of the artisans tools upon the edges. Whether these are small cuts, variations in the beveling, or even them branding their mark into an inside corner, all  contribute to a unique piece.

Is it you?

Regardless of the quality of the handbag that you choose, whether it is nubuck leather or biker leather, the ultimate separation between those which are looking and those which are popstars is to buy with confidence. You should identify what features are important to you prior to shopping for the bag. Understand which features you can live with and those which you can live without. Bring your old handbag with you, and do not be afraid to see how the contents fit into your new selection. If you have any questions about leather handbags, take the time to do a bit of research by contacting your local professional leather artisan.

Don’t forget the maintenance and upkeep

The very last strategy in picking a handbag like a popstar is to ask about the care and the maintenance of the leather once the handbag is purchased. While some leathers require a leather cleaner or conditioner to keep them looking top notch, other leathers such as alligator skin, lambskin, nubuck, and suede, require a specific method of cleaning. Having a great bag but not knowing how to tend for it will quickly diminish the aesthetics of the bag, leaving you to look like an amateur. Know how to care for your product and do it.

Now that you know how to pick out a leather handbag and look like a popstar, the only question which remains is which one to buy.

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