Oil Cleansing Methods for Flawless Skin


As shocking as it seems, cleansing your face with oil is one of the most wonderful beauty tricks. Most people are unaware of this but once you start washing your face with oils, you will never go back. Oil cleansing means cleansing the skin gently with oil and it makes the skin nourished and healthy. The idea behind oil cleansing is to use natural oils in a certain combination for cleansing the skin as well as for naturally balancing the skin’s oils. This produces much more moisturized and nourished skin that traditional detergent and soap based facial cleaners. The basic concept of Oil Cleansing Methods are that the oil which is utilized for massaging your skin will dissolve the oil that has hardened due to impurities and is stuck on the skin pores. The steam will open u the pores, making it very easy to remove the oil .If you need it then even the smallest drop of the very same oil formula applied on the wet skin will provide the essential lubrication to prevent your skin from over-compensating during the oil production.

Oil Cleansing Methods for Fairer Skin

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Oil Cleansing Methods for Flawless Skin

What you need for oil cleansing :

Now that you are well versed with the concept of cleansing your face using oil, you can go ahead and give it a try. All you will require is a few good natural oils and a clean cloth. Olive oil and castor oil are the most commonly used oils but you can use any other oil too. Castor oil is astringent in nature and hence it makes your skin by eradicating all the impurities and is perfect for oily or even for combination skin ( dry skin also but in less quantity) Always remember to never use undiluted castor oil on your skin, and add twice the amount of any other oil as castor oil while making a blend. You can utilize olive oil too though coconut, sunflower and safflower oils work well too.

What to do :

If you are trying oil cleansing for the first time then it may take a few tries to find out of which mix of oils is perfect of you. If you have an oily skin then use 1/3 hazelnut oil or castor oil and 2/3 olive oil, sunflower oil or any other oil. If you have combination skin then use ¼ castor oil or hazelnut oil and ¾ sunflower oil , olive oil or any other oil. If your skin is dry then use a good nourishing oil such as olive oil.

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To wash your face with cleansing oil :

At the sink or in the shower , pour approximately ¼ size amount of oil blend into your palm and gently massage your skin. Give yourself a good and gentle face massage by applying the oil in circular motions. Massage for about two minutes. You don’t need to remove your make up before applying the oil blend as it works as a natural make up remover. Soak a clean cloth into hot water and wring it out. Open the wash cloth and place it on your face. Leave the cloth for about a minute . Repeat again with the other side of the wash cloth. This is very vital as it creates steam against the skin to remove the impurities and oil from your skin.

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