9 Things you should know about Hair Transplant


Now you can bring back your hair and your confidence through a hair transplant. Hair transplant can boost your self confidence, improve your appearance and make you feel ready to face the daily challenges. If you are considering to get a hair transplant, then you should pause for a moment and read this article. Listed below are the ten things you should know about hair transplant.

9 Things you should know about Hair Transplant

9 Things you should know about Hair Transplant

1) Fue vs Fut – The Two most Popular Procedures

The two main types of hair transplant are FUE ( Follicular unit extraction) and FUT (Follicular unit transplantation). The FUT has been used since some time but the FUE has been started using now. Both of these methods are very effective but the FUE is less painful and heals faster.

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2) Ethnicity-Hair and Skin Type

If you have Asian or Black skin types, your hair requires a brilliant surgeon with a lot of experience. Opt for a hair transplant surgeon to get the best results and less scarring and pain.

3) Cost

Don’t let the cost affect your decisions. For proper and effective treatment, both time and money are very essential. Most of the people make their decisions as per the cost of the treatment, but later have to undergo the method again which results in more expenditure.

4) Experience

Ensure that your surgeon and the clinic are experienced so that they can perform the surgery effectively. You can even ask them to show the BEFORE and AFTER pictures. Enquire about their experience and their qualifications and the details about the procedure. Do not hesitate, it is always good to be informed.

5) Risk and Complications

Enquire about the complications and risk associated with the treatment. Ask them about how they plan to reduce the risks and the methods used at the time of the complications.

6) Social Media and The Internet

Now you can know everything about the clinic even without entering in it. The internet has made our lives easier and now you can get all the information easily. Find out how reputed the clinic and read the reviews about the patients who have undergone the treatment there. This way you will be aware of the treatment, the prices and the various other things.

7) Preparations and Aftercare

The FUT method requires a lot more care and the time frame is longer. The FUE method doesn’t really require that much time and it gets okay faster. There are some things you need to ignore for a hair transplant such as smoking, spicy food and exercise.

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8) Take your Time

Unless you are in rush, always take your time. Take as much time as you need. No clinic can pressurize you to start the treatment or to sign anything. Find out about the treatment and the clinic before opting for them.

9) Hair Loss Medication

Finasteride and Minoxidil are 2 approved hair loss medications. But you should always consult your surgeon before using these medications.

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