9 Reasons to try Oil Cleansing


Most of us know that oil is good for the hair and come Sunday and our hair is massaged with hot oil. Most of the people though are unaware that certain wonderful oils can also be used to cleanse your face. Most of the researchers have found out that cleaning your face with oil can enhance your skin as well as it can make you get rid of those blemishes. So, if you wish to fall head over heels for your skin then you must definitely try oil cleansing. Listed below are nine reasons why you should try some wonderful facial oils.

9 Reasons to try Oil Cleansing

9 Reasons to try Oil Cleansing:

1) These Oils Cleanse Thoroughly

Using oils for skin may seem a bit weird but these oils can help you get rid of make up, pollutants, sunscreen and as yes even the extra oil. It balances the oils produced by your skin naturally and keeps your skin looking healthy and happy.

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2) They make other Products work Better

Compared to most creams,, oil gets easily absorbed into the skin and acts as a great carrier for delivering the other active ingredients. Before you apply your favorite lotion, massage your face with a facial oil. This will help your skin to absorb all the other vital ingredients without causing irritation.

3) They Replenish Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids or EFA s are very vital components to the healthy and good skin cell membranes and for keeping all layers hydrated. They are termed as essential as our body is not capable of producing it. Other sources have to be used for deriving them. Oils which are full of EFAs avoid the cells from being easily affected and from getting damaged and also keep your skin hydrated and nourished.

4) They Heal and Repair

Inflammation leads to aging and sun exposure, stress, pollution, dry skin as well as irritating components can all lead to excessive inflammation. Most of the plant oils are good to keep away inflammation and for saving your beautiful skin.

5) They make Skin Dewy and Plump

As you grow older your skin ages too and loses most of its glow and moisture. Dehydrated skin makes those lines and wrinkles more visible and facial oils are known to keep the skin hydrated. They avoid the loss of water from skin and keep your skin beautiful.

6) They Balance Oily Skin

You must be surprised after reading this but yes, facial oils can actually balance the oil in your skin. And making use of these oils also prevents your skin from being covered in acne. Sounds like a magical oil, doesn’t it?

7) They can Act as a Primer

Before using make up, apply the facial oil like a primer. Now after too many of hours of wearing make up, your skin will still look fresh and not creased.

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8) They Repair Sun Damage

Botanical oils loaded with antioxidants and vitamins can actually repair your skin from the damage cause by harsh UV rays.

9) They Fight free Radicals

Most of the oils are full of antioxidants . These oils are known to stabilize the free radicals and to save your skin from the damage.

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