Natural Benefits of Spinach for Hair Growth


Spinach is known to strengthen our body. As a kid, most of you’ll must have watched the famous cartoon, Popeye, where Popeye always used Spinach for an instant boost. Spinach is one of the healthiest leafy vegetables which is good source of essential nutrients. Most of the people know that spinach is very essential to lead a healthy lifestyle but very few know that spinach is also your hair’s best friend.

Natural Benefits of Spinach for Hair Growth

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Listed Below are some Benefits of Spinach for Hair Growth

Spinach is extremely healthy as well as the best leafy vegetable for your body for plenty of reasons. It contains many vital nutrients and is full of antioxidants. Spinach is loaded with vitamin E, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, omega-3, iron, zinc and manganese. The vitamin C and vitamin A found in spinach are very essential for promoting hair growth. These 2 vitamins are used for producing oil in the scalp and this is the reason why spinach leads to quick hair growth .

For people who are suffering from problems like itchy scalp and hair thinning , socializing sometimes become embarrassing but you don’t need to worry anymore. Spinach is the perfect solution. Drink one glass of spinach juice every day and watch your hair become smooth and voluminous. Get rid of all the chemical based hair shampoos and tonics and use spinach for your nourishing your hair. It helps in retaining your hair’s luster and promotes hair growth.

Listed below are two ways in which you can use this beneficial for hair growth :

1) Spinach hair pack

Take one cup of spinach leaves and one tablespoon of oil ( you can use castor oil, coconut oil or olive oil) and honey. Using a blender, blend these ingredients to make a paste. Ensure that the paste is not very runny and is a bit thick. The consistency should be correct so that it Is easy to apply this mixture on your hair as well as to rinse it off. Apply this paste on your hair and scalp. Keep this mixture for 30 minutes and then using a good shampoo, wash your hair as usual. You can utilize this wonderful hair pack every week.

This mixture tends to be a bit messy but once you see positive results, you won’t mind it one bit. It is the best solution for people who suffer from hair fall. It repairs damaged hair, promotes hair growth and gives you healthy, silky and smooth hair.

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2) Spinach mixed with hair oil

Take a bunch of spinach, you can use raw or boiled spinach , and grind it and keep the pulp aside. Mix this pulp with oil. You can use any oil but olive oil is much more effective. Apply this mixture on your hair for an hour and then wash with a good shampoo as well as conditioner. It promotes hair growth and keeps your hair healthy and nourished. This mixture is like a boon to frizzy or dry hair.

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