Methi Seeds Benefits for Diabetes


Diabetes is a health condition wherein the secretion of insulin hormone from pancreas is not proper and due to that the blood sugar level remains on a higher side. Diabetes is a metabolic syndrome and is quite common these days. It is mostly due to irregular lifestyle and sedentary life. It is important to take some action against it. For those who have a high blood sugar level they have to take medications so as to balance the blood sugar level. But for those whose sugar level has just started rising, they can try some natural remedy like methi seeds. Methi seeds for diabetes can give excellent results. Methi means fenugreek and it can be used for variety of purposes as well as for medicinal purposes.

Why are fenugreek seeds good for health?

fenugreek seeds for diabetes

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The benefit of taking fenugreek seeds on daily basis extends to not only blood sugar level, but it also benefits in the health condition called as high blood cholesterol. The presence of alkaloids in methi seeds helps in reducing blood sugar as well as fats in the blood. You can soak the seeds overnight and take them in the morning with water. You may even make powder out of the seeds and take them in the morning. Studies indicate that if methi seeds are taken twice a day it would benefit more. It is also rich in amino acids which will boost pancreas to secrete insulin.

How to manage diabetes naturally?

methi seeds for diabetes

It is true that with fenugreek seeds benefits you will be able to reduce the blood sugar level, but merely relying on this won’t work. Diabetes requires the patient to be on the active mode. Also, there should be changes in the dietary pattern. You should try foods like salads, fresh home made soups, bitter gourd vegetable, organic foods, and less processed foods, whole grain foods and so on. Just cut out on sugary, high calorie and high carbs items. Thus, taking care of your body, food and lifestyle along with a supplement like fenugreek for sugar levels can give better results in health.

Do you need medications?

medication for diabetes

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Whether you have to take medications or not depends upon your blood sugar levels. You should get a fasting blood and urine sugar test and a post lunch urine and blood sugar test done. This report should be shown to your health expert. You should take his advice. Never self medicate yourself. If you are on pills and have started methi seeds for diabetes type 2 and if you have an urge for stopping the pills, then do not do so without consulting to the doctor. It is your healthcare practitioner who will decide as to whether you need medications or not and if yes, then what would be the dose. But you can always try fenugreek leaves, fenugreek seeds in your diet or as supplement to reduce blood sugar level. It is completely natural and has almost no side effects.  Just try it and see if you get benefits.

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