Makeup Tips for Women with Oily Skin


People especially females are quite irritated when they have oily skin. This is because whatever makeup they put goes away with oil within 3-4 hours. This is really a turn down. Females want to look lovely and when oily skin becomes a hurdle for them its time to make certain changes in their makeup regime. Yes, today with the advancement in technology we have makeup specially made for oily skin as well. Yes, thanks to the same that now females with oily skin will get a chance to relax. But there are certain makeup tips that should be specially followed or else the makeup would wean off.

makeup tips for oily skin

Tips for makeup on oily skin

oily skin

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First and the foremost thing that you should understand is if you have oily skin then all you need to do is buy a good brand of makeup items that are specifically made for oily skin. As in these products would have a water base than the oil base and some other features too that would specifically be perfect for the oily skin.

Use primer for the skin: Buy the best quality makeup primer as it helps to cover the pores and make skin ready for the makeup. If you don’t use primer then the makeup would get clogged in the skin pores and this would create grave skin conditions like acne and blemishes. Thus always use a primer that is rich in salicylic acid so that you can get freedom from acne too.

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After you have applied the primer leave it as it is for a minute and soon after that apply water based foundation on your facial skin and neck. Buy a foundation that will match your skin tone. This is really tricky but once you know which tone is perfect for you, things should continue in that manner.
If you have an oily skin then you should never forget applying powder. This is because powder absorbs the extra oil and can give you an even toned look. Try to have pressed powders as you can carry them everywhere you go so as to avoid the embarrassment of oily skin.
Use mineral make up if you have oily skin. This is because mineral makeup doesn’t have oil in them and thus it can be easily used by people who have oily skin. The blush and rouge that you use should be mineral based.

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Once you are ready with the rocking makeup, just have confidence in yourself. Enjoy the party and come back home with a smile. But after you come back do not forget to remove the makeup with the best quality makeup remover. Use the cleanser that is not oil based and remove the makeup. Wash off the face and neck with normal water and apply a bit of moisturiser on your face and neck.

If you follow the above makeup regime you will never get irritated with your oily skin. There is solution for every problem, all you need to do is get adapted to certain changes and advancements.

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