9 Best Makeup Tips for Teenagers


Teenage is the time when most girls are drawn towards experimenting with different cosmetics. Teenage girls are more conscious about their looks and constantly worry if their eyeliner, lip gloss are perfect. For all those teenagers who are longing to get their make up right, here are some handy makeup tips which will help you ace the perfect look.

9 Best Makeup Tips for Teenagers

9 Best Makeup Tips for Teenagers

1) Pre makeup skin care

Its often seen that people do not know the importance of skin care. Taking care of your skin is important and skin care and makeup are two sides of the same coin. Clean your face with a cleanser and then use a toner as it will prepare your skin. Use a good moisturizer which is light.

2) No foundation

Teenager girls aren’t grown up enough to wear foundation and hence its better to rule off foundation from the makeup kit. The sole reason behind this is that you all teenage girls have beautiful skin which doesn’t need to be coated with layers of foundation. So the first rule is to get rid of all the foundation.

3) Use concealer

Foundation isn’t meant for teenagers but concealers make the perfect substitutes. We all have blemishes but you can easily cover them up with concealer. Apply concealer and watch it work its magic. You are now blemish free and ready to ace the perfect look.

4) Use powder to tone it down

Powder can be used for hiding the concealer and to tone down the color of your cheeks. A few dabs of powder is all it takes to tone down the color.

5) Light eye makeup

Being a teenager is like having the best of both worlds. You can experiment with makeup and also keep your natural look alive. Teenage girls aren’t ready yet for the bold look and hence must use light makeup. Lighter colors will enhance the beauty of your eyes and make you look prettier. The most important thing is to stay away from heavy eye makeup.

6) Waterproof mascara

This tip is very essential not only for teenage girls but for girls of all ages. This is that one tip which is neglected by many but ensure that you don’t make the same mistake. Waterproof mascara will ensure that your lashes are in check even when they are wet.

7) Pencil eyeliner

Don’t use gel eyeliners or deep cream eyeliners. The most suitable option for teenage girls is a pencil eyeliner. It is always advisable to go light on the eye makeup.

8) Light blush

If you have pale skin or your skin is a bit dull then you can use a little blush to add more glow to your skin. Apply some cream blush on your cheeks and make sure to stay away from dark colors. A little bit of blush will enhance your look and make you look even prettier.

9) Lip gloss over lip stick

Lip gloss is much for suitable for teenage girls. In fact using lip gloss instead of lip stick is the newest trick.

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