Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes


Blue eyes are extremely attractive and a bit of make up can make them look even prettier. There are many makeup tips for blue eyes but here are some of the essential and best tips to enhance the beauty of your eyes and to help you ace the perfect look.

Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

Listed Below are Few Extremely Handy Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes:

1) Sheer Shadow

Blue is an intense and calm color so you don’t require many eyeshadows to bring out the color of your eyes. Applying sheer shadows or any light shades will make your blue eyes pop out. This tip is one of the best make up tricks for beautiful blue eyes.

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2) Matte shadow

If you do not wish to wear a sheer shadow then the next best option is a matte eyeshadow. It is perfect for acing an office look and it makes the blue of your eyes even more lovelier. But if you are going to party the night away then a little bit if shimmer and shine will make your look perfect.

3) Avoid Blue shadows

Since you have blue eyes it is extremely important that you get rid of the blue eyeshadow from your make up kit. This is a very important tip and must not be neglected. But for those who love blue eyeshadow, you can still use it but make sure that the blue of your eyes is different from the blue of the shadow. If you have baby blue eyes opt for a navy blue eyeshadow.

4) Overlap colors

People with blue eyes can coat tons of different colors on. If you are opting for the sheer shadow then try going with 2 different shades of sheer. Maybe 1 copper tone and 1 light brown. Both of them are very light and would look perfect together.

5) Navy Eyeliner

One of the make up tips for blue eyes is getting rid of the black eyeliner and opting for a navy one. When you choose a navy one , it actually makes your eyes pop out.

6) Warm hues

Blue is a calming and icy color. The best thing you can do to enhance this beautiful color is use a variety of different warm hues. Browns and earthy tones or some other lighter colors are perfect for your blue eyes.

7) Keep it simple

Blue eyes are naturally beautiful and so you do not need a ton of eye make up instead the best thing you can do is to actually keep the make up simple. Too much make up will only take away the natural beautiful look of your eyes.

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8) Highlight

Ensure that you highlight around your beautiful eyes. This will make your eyes look brighter and lovelier. Apply a lighter eyeshadow color like beige or silver beneath your brow bones as well as in the inner corner of your eyes.

9) Go gold

Bright blue eyes and gold eyeshadow is the most perfect combination. This combination is stunning, classy and elegant. Apply gold eyeshadow and a layer of mascara and you are ready!

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