Makeup and Lipstick Tips for Dusky Skin


The world belongs to those who have the confidence. It really doesn’t matter whether you are fair or dusky. In fact, these days you will see that people give more prominence to the beauties with dusky skin. So, you just have to be confident that you are beautiful. It’s a truth that dusky skinned girls look awesome. Now, here we share with you some of the makeup and lipstick tips for dusky skin. Just know beauty them and use them in practical life.

makeup and lipstick tips


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The Best Makeup and Lipstick Tips for Dusky Skin

Skin Complexion: 

The skin complexion really doesn’t matter. If you want a glowing and appealing skin then the first thing you must do is moisturize the skin. Use a very good quality moisturizer on the skin and keep the skin soft, supple and glowing.

Select the matte color lipsticks:

For the girls with dusky skin, the lipsticks that are matte in finish would look great. Avoid those with the glossy finish.

The best colors for lipstick:

The best colors that you should use for lipstick is burgundy, chocolate, brown and soft pinks. Thus, try to remain as much as natural as you can while choosing the lip colors. You will see that the colors that we have mentioned here are all earth and natural colors. Opt for such colors and give you lips a perfect look.


If you wish to apply blush then the colors that would be good would be coral, deep orange, rose and dark peach.

Apply the sun screen lotion:

You must keep your skin protected from the harmful UV rays and thus it would be important to apply sun screen lotion over the skin that would be exposed to the sun. This will help in keeping the skin tan free.

Apply the right tone of foundation:

You must apply the right tone of foundation and this would be much better than the creams that you would have applied. This is because, when you apply such creams, there would be unnecessary shine or glow on your skin. Rather than this, the foundation would give you the right tone and look.

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Using the face powder:

the face powder can work as a good base for your skin before you start nay makeup. But then it should not look awkward and contrast. You need to apply face powder that would match with your skin tone. So, make sure that you select the right tone.

The above tips would be the best for those with dusky skin. The Dusky skin beauties must use the best makeup and lipstick tips for dusky skin. Lipstick really matters a lot for your entire makeup. The colors that you choose should be complementing you. It should not look like you are just highlighting the lips. Before buying the lipstick, you must take a trial. This will really make a good difference. It really matters a lot by all means. We hope you liked these tips and so make sure you know how to use these mentioned makeup tips.

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