Is Laser hair Removal Apt for You?


These days there is a craze for hair reduction. The unwanted hair should be snipped off. But waxing and cutting or shaving the hair would bring back those unwanted hair again. Under such circumstances laser hair reduction has really proved to be a useful cosmetic procedure. But if it is done with wrong hands then it can create many problems. Thus, it is important that when you get laser hair reduction done it is done by a reputed and expert doctor. This can reduce the risk of side effects.

advantages of laser hair removal

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Side effects with laser hair removal

Laser hair removal has some side effects on the area where it is treated. These side effects include red and swollen skin, inflammation etc. You should tell the doctor to prescribe you some cooling gel which can reduce soreness, inflammation and redness in the affected area. Apart from that you should also take the instructions from the doctor in regards to whether you can bathe that area or not.

How laser hair removal works?

Laser vaporizes the hair and in this way it removes the unwanted hair. It creates a bit of smoky feeling and there is sulfur like smell. If the skin is very sensitive then the doctor tells to apply numbing gel on the same. The time taken for this treatment depends upon the area to be treated. If the treatment is to be done on legs then it will take more time and if the treatment area is upper lip then it will take even less than a minute.

Things you should do to avoid side effects

In order to avoid side effects of laser hair removal one should take care of the skin and on should go as per the instructions. Avoid tanning the skin and avoid using sun lamps. You can take advice of your doctor and start cool compresses. This will really benefit when you have redness or swollen skin after the treatment.

The patient needs 2-6 sessions for 100 percent results. However, after one session of laser hair reduction treatment the patient can see 15 percent results. The results of laser hair removal can remain intact for years. But a few hairs may re-grow and for that laser maintenance treatment is needed in between.

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Laser hair removal can lead to mild side effects. But in some cases there can be issues like herpes, infections, scarring, skin darkening etc. Such cases happen rarely. But if you search for a good dermatologist then the side effects can be minimized. It is important that you seek treatment from an expert so that you can reduce chances of complication.

You should search for a good dermatologist or cosmetic clinic in your area. You can read the reviews and then go ahead with that. You can ask your friends and relatives and they can give you the apt guidance in regards to which dermatologist can help you with laser hair reduction. Always go for the number one doctor who has advanced technology in this area.

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