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Zika virus is one of the most dreaded viruses seen in the current days internationally. But it is not that deadly for normal people. This is because; deaths are rarely the case in this. Also, there might not be need for hospitalization. But, when it comes to pregnant women, the risk is high as far as Zika virus is concerned. This is because Zika virus is associated with a rare birth defect or complication in infant of the pregnant women called as Microcephaly.

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Diagnosis of Zika virus

Zika virus is often felt like dengue. But when the travel history and symptoms, both are taken into consideration and in this way diagnosis is to be done. The symptoms would include rashes, redness in eyes, conjunctivitis, fever, weakness, muscle pain and so on. When these symptoms come up, you must intimate the doctor. He would diagnose the health condition and would prescribe the medication as per the situation.

Treatment as required in Zika virus

Since this is viral illness, the symptoms would come and would then go within a week.  Just paracetamol would be enough to bring down fever and reduce the body pain and joint pain.

Prevention against Zika

Since, Zika virus is contracted mainly due to mosquito bite you should take preventive measures against the mosquitoes. Here are some of the preventive measures that would safeguard against Zika virus.

  • Wear long sleeved clothes and full pants.
  • Avoid water logging in and around your homes.
  • Stay in air conditioned room so that there would be no entry of mosquitoes.
  • Try to have a good immune system so that infection would not bother you.
  • Use good quality and safe mosquito repellents.

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Zika virus is just like any other viral illness and thus for normal being it would not be a life threatening disease. But, for the females who are pregnant, Zika virus can be prove to be deadly because it would affect the development of the baby in the womb. There is no vaccine as such till date that can provide complete protection from this virus. Thus, prevention would be the best measure to avoid mosquito bites. This illness is caused by the mosquitoes that are active during the daytime. Its Aedes specie, that creates the havoc. Make sure you safeguard yourself from these things. This will help you seek prevention from Zika virus.

We hope that the above information would be useful for you. We just want you to stay safe and healthy!

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