How to Treat Dehydrated Skin Naturally?


Often we tend to treat dehydrated skin like a dry skin. But basically, there is a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin. Dry skin is flaky skin and it is basically the skin type. But dehydrated skin is the skin condition which is temporary in nature. Dehydrated skin can be treated with proper nutrition, water, fluids and so on. Sometimes dehydrated skin can be due to sun, cold weather and medications.

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How to treat dehydrated skin?

When the skin is dehydrated you can make certain potent changes in your diet and lifestyle. You need to retain moisture of the skin cells. Here’s how you can go:

  1. Drink plenty of water: You should start drinking ample of water and this can really give your skin the luster and shine that it deserves.
  2. Changes in diet: You should start taking diet enriched with fruits, veggies and soups. Prefer less spicy and home made foods. This can really give your skin a boost in the glory.
  3. Have water melon and cucumber: Make it a point to have cucumber and watermelon daily. This will never leave you dehydrated.
  4. Wash off the face: You should wash off the face with normal water. This will topically add hydration to facial skin.

Apart from the above steps if you follow a good routine then you will surely get a very good skin tone and complexion. Sometimes dry skin can lead to dehydrated skin and for that the use of harsh facial products and cosmetics should be stopped. Also, you should make it a habit to use moisturizers on the skin after taking bath. The moisturizer can be applied on the facial skin as well as elsewhere.

Apart from that you can start using humidifier at home. Just get a good brand of humidifier installed at your home and keep the environment nice. It will avoid dryness. But make sure that you get your home free from mold because a bit of humidity can create mold.

hot water bath

When you take a bath just restrict the temperature. People who tend to have dry skin should not use too hot water. Also taking a bath for too long can remove natural oils from the skin layers.

Try to lock the moisture and natural oils as much as you can. This is because people who have dry skin type would be more prone to dehydrated skin.

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Sometimes your food may not be able to supply you with enough nutrients. In that case you should talk to the healthcare provider or dietician because if any nutrients are missing in your diet then you would be prescribed certain health and vitamin supplements. Such supplements can help in adding a bit of enrichment in your nutritional levels. Do not leave the skin as it is. This is because a skin looks lifeless when it loses moisture and hydration. Take steps for the same as it will really give you glowing skin. You don’t need too many efforts for this.

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