How to Treat Dandruff Naturally with Castor Oil?


This is not a known fact but it is really important to note that if you wish to treat dandruff naturally then rather than olive and jojoba oil, the effective results would be fetched via castor oil. Yes, castor oil for dandruff is really the best way to get amazing hair and a healthy scalp.

It is true that those who have problems with constipation can rely on castor oil as it works as the best laxative. There is a story in regards to the same. An Italian dictator, Mussoloni fed castor oil as a way of punishment to those who would not abide by the rules so that they can get the problem of loose motions. But apart from its quality as being a potent laxative, castor oil also works wonders for skin and hair.

Castor oil has fatty acids

Castor oil is rich in fatty acids. In fact castor oil is highly rich in Ricinoleic acid and this fatty acid has the potential to fight from the scalp related infections. Thus with this quality of castor oil, it is for sure that it can even fight the dandruff off. Sometimes the cause of dandruff can be any sort of fungal and microbial infection. Ricinoleic acid also has the power to cure these fungal and bacterial infections. Thus if you are looking ahead for natural way of getting rid of scalp infections then the first thing you need to do is try it naturally with castor oil for dandruff.

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castor oil for dandruff

Castor oil is also rich in Omega 9 fatty acids and thus it can impart good amount of moisture to scalp and hair. If you have been looking for natural hair conditioning then using castor oil as hair conditioner can really work wonders.

How to apply castor oil on scalp and hair?

Castor oil is amazing and magical oil that can give you a healthy scalp and beautifully smooth hair. Here’s how you can use this oil. Take a bit of warm castor oil and if you wish you can mix it with a few drops of olive oil too. Apply this mixture on your hair and scalp gently. Keep it overnight and then in the morning wash it off with a mild shampoo. If you can’t keep it overnight then keeping it for 30 minutes will also be fine. Castor oil for smooth hair is something you might not have thought of. But it is really a good thing that you can derive multiple benefits out of it.

castor oil for smooth hair

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You can even add a few drops of castor oil to your hair conditioner and then this would give you very good results. Castor oil is also good for hair loss as well as hair thinning issues. This one oil can give you a lot of options and you ought to use it to fetch maximum benefits. Give yourself a natural means and give your hair a natural punch. Really, you can sort out the dandruff problem naturally and that too with minimum efforts.

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