How to Take Good Care of Finger Nails?


You should analyze your fingernails and see whether they are healthy or not. You should see to it that there should not be dents or pits on your nails. Also, there should be proper color all over the nail. Any sort of discoloration can mean that your nails are not healthy enough. Also, there might be some underlying health condition. You should therefore look into your nails to analyze your actual health. You must therefore take very good care of your nails. Here are the dos and don’ts that you need to follow for having tip top nails.

tips for finger nails

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What you need to do for keeping nails healthy?

Use biotin:

Researches suggest that people who have weak finger nails can take biotin supplements as it has the potential to make the nails strong again. Some people have brittle nails and thus the nails tend to break down. For them such supplements would really work wonders.

Use nail hardener:

If your nails are too brittle then you can use nail hardener. You can find any good brand of nail hardener in the cosmetic shop and this can be applied for further nail protection.

Keep hands and nails clean:

You should follow a good hand and nail hygiene. You should wash your hands when they are dirty and also wash off the nails gently.

Use moisturizer:

Moisturizer helps you have a wonderful skin. You can also take that to nails. This is because nails will become very soft.

If you have weak nails then you should not let the condition be that way. You should take certain steps for the same. The best thing would be to see a dermatologist for the same. You should also get certain tests done so that you can find out what problem you are going through.

Here’s the list of what you should not do

Don’t use harsh and strong products for nails:

Your nails are quite delicate and thus you should not let them get exposed to chemical and harsh products. This is really important for your hair. You should reduce the use of nail polish remover.

Do not bite your nails:

You should not bite your nails. This is because it might infect your nails with bacterial infection. This would further make the condition of your nail grave.

During manicure do not get the cuticles removed:

When you go for manicure you should tell the person to keep away from cuticles. This is because when cuticle is removed there will be some sort of infection or weakness in your nail. Also see to it that the place where you go, sterilized tools are used for the same.

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If you follow all the above rules you will really be in the position to keep your nails in the good condition. Nails are just so important and you should therefore not under-estimate the importance of the same. Take good care of fingernails.

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