How to Straighten Your Hair without Heat


We often think that heat is the only solution to straighten your hair. But if you are quite mesmerized and tempted to have straight hair and are afraid of using heat then there are many other ways with which you can straighten your hair a bit. And, you are right that it is good to avoid too much of heat every now and then as heat can lead to hair damage. So, here we show you some really useful ways to straighten your hair without heat.

Straighten Your Hair without Heat

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Ways to Straighten Your Hair without Heat:

♥ Since heat can damage hair, you can use the dryer but let the cool air come from the same. This will not damage the hair. But just make sure that you spray some water first before you actually start using the cool air from the dryer.

♥ Use shampoo for frizzy hair: You will find many solutions and shampoo in the market meant for frizzy hair. You must use them so that the hair would be de-tangled and there would be no frizz at all. Thanks to such shampoos that some amount of straightening can be done.

♥ Get a good straightening mask: You will get ready straightening mask that will help you to certain extent. Even if this doesn’t perfectly straighten your hair, you can still add some hydration to your hair and get rid of unwanted curls and frizz. If you want to create some such straightening mask at home then you can add lemon juice, honey and coconut milk hair mask on your hair for a while. This may work for you. In fact, there are many recipes of hair masks and you can use any one that you find fine. You can use a straightening hair mask once a week.

♥ Use a wide toothed comb: While using the comb on your hair, you must use a wide toothed comb. Also, comb your hair gently and this will help you in getting rid of tangles and frizzy hair.

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We hope you liked all the above natural and easy ways to straighten hair without heat. Since heat can damage your hair to considerable extent, making your scalp oilier, you must try to use the normal and simple methods only.

In the times when we all are quite gaga over straight hair, natural curls really look quite appealing. Yes, frizzy and tangled hair looks bad. So, sort that out first. But if your hairs is smooth and have some natural curls then it is the in thing these days. You don’t need to straighten the hair just because everyone else is doing so. Get the best options for your hair and look amazingly stylish.

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