How to Store Lipstick and Use it effectively ?


Lipstick is a basic thing we use in makeup. Women just can’t do without nice lipsticks. But have you ever thought that what would be the best ways to store these lip color items? Lipstick is really an item that needs proper storage or else it would lose the charm. In the times when you get so many choices in cosmetics, you would really become a shopper for such items. But first learn how to store your lipstick.

How to Store Lipstick and Use it effectively


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The Best ways to Store your Lipstick

♥ Lip stick when stored in refrigerator would last longer. This is because; lipstick may melt in hot weather. This would not look good. So, just make sure that after you have used your lipstick you just keep it back in the fridge.

♥ When you are buying the lipstick from the makeup seller you would be tempted to use the lipstick on your lips. But this is unhealthy and unhygienic. You must just test the tester lips in the hands’ back portion. Make sure that you remember such basic hygiene tricks.

♥ Some people even apply lipstick at home. But it is not required unless there is someone special coming at your place. This is because while you eat and drink the lipstick may go inside the mouth. So, plan things well before you use them.

♥ If you have a lipstick then you can make different uses of the same. A light colored lipstick can be used as a blush. But make sure that you do not follow the other way round.

♥ Using the lipstick would define your lips and would make them look awesome. So, just use that rightly.

♥ If you have stopped liking any particular color from your collection then rather than throwing that away, you must mix it with some other shade and create a different shade of your own. You will try this shade again on the back of your hands or finger tips.

♥ If by chance your lipstick is broken then let it stay as it is for a while and you must keep it joined. After you are done with that you will see that the melted part have joined a bit and now you can keep the lipstick in the refrigerator.

♥ For matured women there are some different makeup tips as in the makeup tips for matured women. But what really makes a difference is you must apply some selective shades only. Also, prefer creamy lipsticks and avoid the complications like matte and gloss.

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♥ With brown shades of lipsticks the teeth would look yellow. So, if you have been looking for white teeth prefer the other shades.

♥ If your lipstick is just about to get finished and there are just some bits then you can mix the same with Vaseline and apply it on your lips whenever you want. This would ensure full utilization.

It is really vital that when you buy a lipstick you at least know how you will use that and store that. This is because a lipstick these days is quite expensive and you just can’t afford the same to get wasted.

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