How to Keep Hair Free from Humidity?


People love free flowing hair. This holds true for females. They just love being beautiful by flaunting their hair. With a proper hair care regime it would be quite easy to take good care of your hair. You will have very well conditioned hair. But sometimes if the climate is quite humid then whatever you do it will really not matter. Humidity can really give rise to dreadful hair. Humidity in air can really affect hair of all kinds and thus it would really take lots of efforts when it comes to taking care of hair in humid weather. People who have curly hair would get frizzy hair texture during humid weather and people with straight hair would feel a bit sticky. It would be better to resist the climate by staying confident. Just use a very good quality hair spray and wear it on your curly or straight hair and try to retain the way they are. This will help you get freedom from the kind of tresses that you don’t want. 

Tips for Long Hair

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Try to Maintain the Reasonable Length that you are Comfortable with 

It is true that long hair look attractive. But one should maintain only that much of length that one is comfortable with. If you have too long hair and if you feel you are not able to manage the same then it would be prudent to cut them off. If you feel that your hair are quite frizzy and are looking unduly overly done then just make sure that you take up cutting them into a hair style that you would be able to manage. In case if you have thin hair then try to cut them off to layered style hair which would enhance the hair volume.

Use Good Quality Shampoo and Conditioner

Many females have rough and frizzy hair because their selection of the hair care product is wrong. Buy the best quality moisturising shampoo and conditioner and see the magic that your tresses will come across. Make it a habit to wash off the hair every 3 days and this will remove excess oil that would rather get accumulated due to weather.

When you shampoo the hair and then wash them off make it a point to naturally dry up your hair nicely. You should towel-dry the hair gently. Some people have habit to use blow dryer every time they want to dry up the hair. Make sure that you leave this habit. Using blow dryer every now and then would add unwanted frizz to your hair.

hair spa for long hair

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Get Hair Spa Done

In order to maintain amazing hair quality during humid weather you should keep your hair conditioned. To add good texture to your hair make sure you go to a good salon and get the hair spa treatment done there. Watch out for the best products. If you are looking for smooth and soft hair then spend some money on such useful hair care treatments. This will make your hair frizz free and also it would keep them unaffected whatever the weather may be like.

home remedies for long hair

Use Home Remedies for Beautiful Hair

If you are quite bored with the stickiness that the humid weather adds to your hair then you can make a hair mask at home. Such natural remedies can really give you beautiful tresses which you would love to nurture. Make hair mask out of yogurt, raw honey and mashed banana. You should take some yogurt and add a smashed banana into it. After mixing them both add raw honey and mix again. This hair mask should be applied on your hair gently from tip to scalp. Keep this hair mask as it is for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, wash off the hair with warm water and use mild shampoo along with conditioner. This will add luster to your hair and make them smooth and shining.

The above techniques should be used in humid weather condition so that the hair can get much deserved protection from frizzy hair. Some people have a concept in mind that during humid weather conditions it would be better to stay away from oils and such oily stuff. Thus people avoid oiling hair. This is wrong. You should pamper your hair and apply the mixture of hair oils as in olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil into equal parts. Massaging this oil on scalp and hair would give you wonderful hair.

Keeping hair open during humid climate would add to the pains. It would be prudent to tie up the tresses. If you feel that to tie the hair would make you look a bit old fashioned then please change your mind. You should check out different tied up hair styles online and you can try them. They would surely give you chic look.

tips for hair in humidity

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How to deal with hair problems due to humid climate? 

If you feel that most of your hair problems are due to humid climate then when you are at home you can use humidifier. This will reduce the humidity in your premises where you stay. It will surely affect positively to certain extent.

The thing that you should do is make it a habit to wash off hair with cold water. Hot water can harm the hair strands. Thus it would be better to get your hair washed in cold water. Cold water would mean the normal tap water.

Do not thrive on oily foods. This would add to the problems. You should eat healthy and fresh food for keeping your hair healthy even during humidity. For that you should keep stocked up with foods like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, soups, salads etc. But everything should be freshly made.

Try to keep hair hydrated and for that you should drink lots of healthy fluids. There can be nothing as good as water. It will really give your hair the wonderful touch that it deserves.

If you keep in mind all the above points then it will surely make your hair as they should be.

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