How to Get Beautiful Eyes with Zero Make up?


Some people feel that eyes are delicate and that they should not be overdone with any sort of make up. But yes, certain tricks and tweaks can surely give your eyes amazing and beautiful look. You should learn these techniques and that will make you a rock star.Here is some of the tactics that would help you attain beautiful eyes without any make up.

tips for beautiful eyes

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No make up still beautiful eyes

Close your eyes and try to meditate:

When your eyes look tired and when you feel that there is some stress on your mind and that is showing in your eyes then just close your eyes and meditate. This will really give you relief from tension. Often the tired eyes become red. In order to relieve redness you can use an over the counter eye drops too. You can even use a cucumber slice on each of your eye to give it the freshness back.

Always have an up-to-date eyebrow:

It is better to do your eyebrows on time. If you are quite afraid of plucking or threading the eyebrows for proper look then have it a practice to comb it or brush it and thus it would look organized.

Curl your eye lashes:

If you are not using the mascara then curl your eye lashes. This will give it a perfect look. Your eyes would look dramatic and you would simply love the look. For this, you can buy the eye lashes curler. In case, if that is not available with you then you can merely heat the spoon and then give your eye lashes the curl that it deserves.

Reduce relevance of dark circles:

You should try to get a good sleep. This will help you reduce dark circles. If even after a sleep you still have the problem of puffy eyes and dark circles then buy a good quality and reputed brand of dark circle cream and apply it under the eyes. You will get results within a few weeks. You should take olive oil or almond oil and then massage around the dark circled area. This will also remove the puffiness and the darkness that surrounds the eye area.

Reduce intake of salt:

Taking too much salt can lead to water retention and this would contribute in under eye puffiness. The same thing holds true with sugar too. You should reduce salt and sugar intake and this will help you to have wonderful eyes naturally.

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If you practice above techniques then you are sure to get wonderful and gorgeous eyes. Some people have beautiful eye color at birth. For example brown, green, blue. Of course, black is common and always beautiful, but having other colored eyes would also make you feel proud. But when you have such different colored eyes, you should try to wear the dresses that would compliment with the eyes. For example, people with brown eyes should wear golden and black colored clothes. People with green color eye look great in yellow and so on.

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