How to Control Hair Fall in Summer


Summer is everyone’s favourite as it means no school ,less work and loads of adventures. Come summer and we all become alert and take extra precautions for our skin. Most of us tend to forget that our hair needs to be protected too. During summers we all face problem of hair fall but there is no need to worry any more.

How to Control Hair Fall in Summer

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Some of the Best ways to Control Hair Fall in Summer are:

1) Oil massages

There is nothing better than an oil massage and it is extremely beneficial for our hair. Hot oil massages keep the hair roots strong and lessen hair fall. Massage your scalp with some essential oil. It will have a soothing effect on you and will do wonders for your hair. Within three weeks you will notice lesser hair fall. Almond oil and coconut oil are the most preferred oil but coconut oil is more affordable. Mustard oil is another good option. Oil massages improve blood circulation and prevent hair fall. Oil massages will surely make you fall in love with your hair!

2) Fruit extracts

Natural ingredients like aloe-vera juice and wheat grass help in the reduction of hair fall. Summers are the time when we notice an increase in hair fall which is a result of dry scalp. Wheat grass and aloe vera juice keep the scalp moist and prevent dryness. These ingredients reduce the chances of scalp infection. Using these ingredients twice in a week will help you fight hair fall.

3) Using natural products

Using chemical products when you are facing hair fall can actually worsen the condition. Using natural ingredients is an advisable choice. You can also extract oil from gooseberries (Amla) as it has a soothing effect and reduces hair fall. Dandruff is one of the main causes of hair fall and gooseberries are the perfect solution for dandruff. Coconut milk is also very helpful to get rid of hair fall.

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4) Hydration

Summers are a time when all of us feel dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water is the best cure for hair fall . As soon as you drink water, the cells in your body absorb it. Water flushes out harmful toxins and improves the texture of hair. It will help you keep your hair follicles flexible and moist. According to doctors, it is essential to drink five to six bottles of water in a day.

5) Diet

Diet is that one factor without which beautiful and strong hair feels as if it were a myth. A god diet is the key to maintain the volume of your hair. Books are written about the benefits of a balanced diet as it really is the solution to most of the problems. Include a lot of green leafy vegetables in your diet to reduce hair fall. Healthy hair requires minerals, proteins and calcium. All of these are found in eggs, vegetables, legumes and milk in great quantities. Having just one portion of these ingredients will improve the quality of your hair and prevent hair fall.

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