How to Control Blood Pressure without Medicine?


It would really be tough to digest that you have high blood pressure. Under such circumstances you need to take up some steps to control it. You can either rely on medication to bring the blood pressure down. If you wish to avoid medication then here are some lifestyle changes that you can take up to bring down the levels of pressure. A few lifestyle changes can really give you amazing results.

The lifestyle changes that would help you prevent blood pressure or control the same 

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1. Exercise daily:

Most of the people have issues like blood pressure mainly because of obesity. You should exercise daily and reduce your waistline. Men who have the waist measurement above 40inches would be at a risk of blood pressure as well as other metabolic disorders. For women, those with the waistline of 35inches, there would be a risk of high blood pressure.  Exercising regularly will give you perfect health results.

2. Eat right:

Eating healthy diet like whole grain foods, fresh fruits, vegetables etc would keep you away from the risk of metabolic issues like high blood pressure. If required, you should maintain a food diary and in that you should jot down what you ought to eat and what you should avoid. You should always shop for the right foods while you are out. This will really impart you better health.

3. Low sodium diet:

You should try to reduce salt in your diet. If possible, do not add salt on salads and soups. Try to add herbs to the same. If you have been diagnosed with disorders like diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure them you should reduce sodium in your diet without fail.

4. Lose weight:

You should lose your weight and that will give you support for staying healthy. Just make sure that you lose weight scientifically and not drastically. Drastic weight loss will really create issues in your health.

5. Control alcohol intake and stop smoking:

Make sure that you either rule out alcohol from your diet. If you cannot do that then you should reduce alcohol intake. You should stop smoking because it will bring your blood pressure back to normal.

6. Avoid stress:

You should keep away from stress. This is because stress can create many health issues. For keeping blood pressure under control you should keep away from tensions. Many people take up over work just because they can’t say NO. You should learn to say NO. This will give you relief from over work. Often overwork is the result why people have stress and tension in mind. Also, rather than postponing the work, you should either do them or get them done so that you don’t have things piled up. 

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If you act upon with the above action plan then you will really have very a better mind set and a good mental and physical stability which would help you avoid metabolic issues like high blood pressure.

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