How to Avoid Too Much Junk during Party or Festive Season?


Festivals and parties always hamper our targets of weight loss. This is something very common and almost all of us experience this. Festivities or parties often encourage fatty and greasy foods. This is a trend almost everywhere. Cakes, shakes, drinks and all those oily and fried foods can really add on lots of calories into your body. Here are some of the tips that will really help you to avoid too much junk during party and stay fit and slim even during the parties and festive season. All you have to do is become a strong willed person.

junk food in parties

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Tips to avoid too much Junk During party ?

Spend your time meeting people at the party:

Suppose if you are attending a party where there is also dinner hosted for you, all you should do is take time to meet people. Focus on people and this will keep your mind away from the food. You will be served with sugary drinks and greasy starters. But try to take very small portions of the same. Spend most of your time meeting people.

Eat salad and fruits just before the party:

When you are leaving home, have bowlful of filling salads or fruits. This will help you avoid the hunger pangs at the party. Remember, if you attend the party empty stomach then you will be tempted to fill it up like anything. But if your stomach is already satisfied then you will prudently select smaller portions of the high calorie foods. Try to make your bowlful of salad look attractive so that you can really eat it and fill up the tummy.

Become the party volunteer:

You should concentrate on party management and tell the host to share some of the responsibilities with you. This will make you busy and thus you won’t feel any sort of temptations for foods at the party.

Eat slowly:

If you have already taken a plate for dinner or snacks then select the food items mindfully. Avoid the foods that you eat every time. Try new items so that you would feel good. Make it a practice to eat slowly as this will help you to avoid more stuff.

Avoid alcohol:

Alcohol is not good for health anyway and also it would add calories. Make sure that you would prefer water or some fruit juice instead of alcohol as it would be healthier option.

Don’t leave physical activities:

Often holiday season would make you lethargic. It is important to stay more active during holidays. Make sure that you take up physical exercises or yoga on regular basis and even during the holidays. This is really vital.

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If you follow all the above tips then things will really be in your favor. Make sure that you always remind yourself about fitness targets. This is really important. If you forget your targets then you will tend to leave life leisurely and eat all that you want. Cherish and nourish your health and body.

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