How Meditation can help you get in the Workout Zone


Meditation as a form of yoga has become extremely popular. Many people have been replacing their morning workout routines with yoga because of its calming effects. Fitness trainings are combining multiple exercise forms to achieve an overall fitness. Yoga is being blended into fitness training programs. And almost all fitness programs are incorporating meditation as a means of warm up. It is increasingly replacing warm up exercises like stretching and jogging. Meditation can help you reach into the workout zone, here’s how.

Benefits of Meditation and Yoga

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Before starting your work out you must focus your body and concentrate all your energy. Often people rush into work out straight from their work place. Their minds are distracted and so are their muscles. People walk in stressed from work and jump onto a tread mill or lift weights. This is wrong. Good gym instructors will never let you do that. You must relax your body. Meditation is a way of doing that. Meditation reduces the stress you feel with each breathe. It also helps you focus your strength before you work out.

Push through:

Most of the time if you are doing some serious exercise like long distance running, the basic strength required is mental.  Sometimes you may think that you have enough physical power to complete your laps but if you are not mentally prepared, you might lose strength. In any kind of sport, the sports person is asked to train their minds before going onto the field.  Meditation can help you do that. Meditation clears your mind, motivates you and helps you be strong, mentally while you are executing the heavy workouts. It is always a good option to meditate before working out.


A little bit of meditation before any type of workout will relax your muscles. When working out, your muscles go through a lot, so it is important that they are relaxed to begin with. One doesn’t always enter a gym completely relaxed. At times people’s muscle are quite wound up. Working out in that condition can affect your muscles, you might pull a nerve even. Sitting in a comfortable position, and meditating will slowly relax all the muscles in your body. You can even do it lying down. Slowly breathe, concentrating on each breathe. Relax slowly while you inhale and exhale. Breathe deeply through your belly. Your muscles will relax only when it gets lots of oxygen.

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After your mind and body are relaxed, it’s time to motivate yourself to go ahead and workout. Try to picture yourself in the kind of shape you want to achieve. Visualize your sculpted body, toned legs and healthy lifestyle. Doing this for a while will totally motivate you to try to achieve what your goal is. Let all your distracting thoughts pass away. Just keep concentrating on your body.

Even after workout meditation is a good way to cool your burning muscles and achieve an inner peace. Meditation will help you to make the most of your workout. If you practice these daily, you will definitely have better workout results.

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