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Today we have tons of shampoos, conditioners, numerous hair products of various brands and even medicines for longer and healthier hair. I can only imagine the look the look on my grandmother’s face if she knew that today we need medicines for hair growth. Even if we use these countless products of the best brands we still face hair fall, frizzy hair, split ends and this list is never ending. The women in olden days never felt the need for these products because they new that the secret to long, lustrous and healthy hair lies behind the doors of our kitchens.

Some of the Best Home Remedies for Healthy Hair are:

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 bananas for healthy hair1) Bananas

Bananas our loved by most of the people as it is tasty and also provides the necessary nutrients. But very few people know that bananas are the key to healthy hair. The levels of potassium are very high in bananas and you can improve the elasticity of your hair just by consuming this tasty fruit. Take one banana, mash it with a fork and then apply this paste from the roots of your hair to the tip. You need to keep this treatment on for a maximum of fifteen minutes and then wash your hair well with a shampoo. Just 15 minutes and your hair will look lovelier than ever. Who knew bananas are the key to cure damaged and dry hair.

Beer for Healthy Hair

2) Beer treatment

One of the best ways to make your hair lustrous and strong is the beer treatment. You will need a spray bottle and of course some beer. Pour some beer into the spray bottle. Before using beer, you need to wash your hair and then towel your dry and frizzy hair lightly. People who have used beer are full of praises for this remedy and their hair is the proof that beer indeed is our hair’s best friend.

Mayonnaise for Healthy Hair

3) Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is not just good for the belly but also for our hair. Wet your hair and then gently apply mayonnaise and ensure that it stays on your hair for minimum of fifteen minutes . An hour of mayonnaise treatment can do wonders for your hair. After you have kept this treatment for appropriate hair, wash your hair well with a shampoo. You don’t need to purchase a conditioner along with a shampoo as mayonnaise works better than any conditioner you will find in the market.

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Oil Massage for Healthy Hair

4) Oil massage

Massaging your hair with oil is like giving your hair a treat. People over the years have always praised oil and it indeed is one of the best ways to improve volume and quality of health. You can use coconut or olive oil for giving your hair a massage. Heating the oil and then applying it on your scalp can work wonders for your hair. Instead of washing your hair you can leave it at least for an hour and then apply a mixture of vinegar and lime juice to make your hair dandruff free.

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