Home Made Conditioners to Treat Dry and Damaged Hair


dry and damaged hair

The most common malady among females as well as males of today is dry and damaged hair. Everyone looks forward to have well nourished and smooth hair. But due to excessive exposure to sun, wind and cosmetic hair styling products there can be irreversible damage to hair. Well, but thanks to various home remedies and natural means that you can claim back your natural hair texture. Here are some of the best home made conditioners that will help in treating dry and damaged hair.

Home made Conditioners for Dry and Damaged Hair

banana, olive oil and honey for hair problems

Banana, olive oil and honey conditioner:

Individually too, all these three ingredients are magical in regards to the effect on hair and skin. A natural conditioner made out of these three ingredients can really give you healthy strands. Here’s how you can make a conditioner out of it. Peel off one banana and smash it to make a paste out of it. Add 15 drops of olive oil into it and 10 drops of honey. Mix it well. If you feel it is not getting mixed properly with hands then you can use a blender too. Wash your hair with a normal shampoo. After that apply this home made conditioner and keep it for 15 minutes on hair. Rinse off with warm water and see the effect. You will be happy to see the luster and sheen in your hair. Also, you hair would be well moisturized and smooth.

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Olive oil, lemon juice and vinegar for hair


Lemon juice, olive oil and vinegar conditioner:

People who have dry and damaged hair often look out for solutions for damaged hair. Also, such hair is often prone to shedding. To avoid such conditions it is better to use a home made conditioner that would strengthen the hair to certain extent. A conditioner created out of lemon juice, vinegar and olive oil can really help in treating damaged hair. Take juice out of one full lemon, add a few drops of vinegar to it and then add some drops of olive oil. Mix these three ingredients well and apply it gently on scalp and hair. Right from the scalp, you should apply this to the tip of the hair so that there can be some benefit to the damaged hair strands. Vinegar helps in treating hair loss; lemon fights off the scalp infections and olive oil moisturisers the hair naturally. Thus a condition created out of this can give good results. Apply this on wet hair and then wash off with plain water. You will get wonderful results.

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avacado and yogurt for hair

Yogurt and avocado oil:

Yogurt is a rich conditioner that can be applied on any sort of hair. It nourishes the hair and gives you a perfect blend of healthy and beautiful hair. Avocado oil is rich in mono-saturated fatty acids and vitamin E. As a result, it is highly potent for dry and frizzy hair. Make a mixture out of yogurt and avocado oil and apply it on your hair strands from top to the bottom and keep it for 20 minutes. After that, wash it off with warm water and a mild shampoo. You will be delighted to see the impact.

Try home made conditioners for dry and damaged hair. This can give you good result.

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