Healthy Sandwich Tips for Packing Lunches


In many a home there is one saying, “If you want something done correct, the best is to do it yourself.” For many parents packing lunches become monotonous. Why, because in the end you do not know what to put on the sandwiches and you want your family to enjoy a healthy sandwich.

Some of the most lacking items for lunches is fruit, whole grains, and vegetables. Moreover, in most cases lunch boxes are overflowing with unhealthy produce with too much sugar. Therefore, Mom and Dad read and enjoy the healthy sandwich tips for your family to enjoy a healthy treat.

Leave the fatty add-ins and laden sodium and use our tricks for a scrumptious sandwich!

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8 Tips for a Healthy Sandwich

1. Look further than the bread aisle

Next time when you are in need of stocking up on sandwich supplies, looks further than just the bread aisle. Yes, we know that bread fills you, but look at the crunchy pieces of lettuce and use them instead of the slices of bread. They make perfect additions and will make you feel like you are living at the salad bar. They add a fresh twist to your daily old boring sandwich and great for the hot summer months. Wrap your favorite fillings in the lettuce leaves, they are packed with vitamins.

Tip: Take a green leaf and fill it with ½ a cup of healthy brown rice, a ½ a cup of black beans, a ½ a cup of delicious roasted vegetables, and complete it with a ¼-sliced piece of avocado. A proper new form of tortilla sees brilliant!

2. Switch over to Whole Grain Bread

Be unrefined with whole grain as it contains plenty of nutrients and fiber. It takes longer to break down in your body and keeps you full longer. White breads known to digest faster and turns straight into sugar. This, in turn, makes you reach for that snack drawer much faster. Choose sprouted grain bread or a sourdough bread as it is easier to digest and great for those with IBS.

3. Pile on those Pickles

Why not add some crunch and a favorable splash of the brine. They are low in calories, filled with fiber, and covered with vinegar that is healthy and great for the waistline. One large pickle only has 15 calories and a wholesome 2 grams of filling fiber. So go ahead and enjoy three or even four to fill you up. Furthermore, eating acidic foods help to increase the rate of your body that burn carbohydrates by up to 40%. The sooner your body burns off fat the sooner you can look great.

4. Pile up those veggies

Grill some mushrooms as they make great alternatives for meats and make a great healthy Dagwood. You can include a little meat and still pack it with vegetables for a big boost of nutrition. Build a healthy sandwich and add colorful nutrients such as fruit and vegetables. The more colors you add, the more minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals your body will receive.

5. Steer clear of deli meats

There are many deli types of meat with strange ingredients and filled with chemicals and preservatives. Buy fresh meats instead that you can cook at home or buy organic meats, as they are free from preservatives. Here you can look at the Applegate Farms produce that is healthy with no preservatives or additives.

6. Add some Avocados

This fruit is rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K. It has many nutrients and contains less saturated fats and great for a midday meal.

7. Think beyond cheese and meat

Your open-faced sandwich does not only have to consist of cheese, lettuce, and turkey. Think beyond it with our healthy sandwich tip by adding exotic spreads as homemade tahini, pesto, Baba, and Ganoush. They are low in sodium and packed with flavor. Moreover, for sweetness, add thin slices of pears, apples, or berries.

8. Add some flavor with low-calorie trimmings

Use fragrant herbs, lemon juice, and other spices to add flavor and nutrients. Lemon and lime have some great additional benefits such as it has salt and acid and makes for a great flavor booster. Leave the salt out in your spreads and homemade meat and squeeze some lemon over it instead. These are great to boost your metabolism.

As you can see with our healthy tips for sandwiches, you can flavor up your bread, receive vitamins, minerals, and boost your metabolism at the same time. So next time you visit the supermarket think about our list and start living a healthier lifestyle.

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