6 Healthy Juices for Stunning Hair


We all crave strong and gorgeous hair but in today’s world filled with pollution, heat and stress, it is very hard to take good care of hair. Most people opt for hair products which are in fact loaded with chemicals and can damage your hair further. Ever noticed how the women in olden days were seen with long and thick hair, they knew the secret to good hair. Now the secret is being revealed to you so you can turn your unhealthy dry hair into nourished and stunning hair. The secret to beautiful hair lies behind the doors of your very own kitchen.

6 Healthy Juices for Stunning Hair:

Kiwi Juice for Stunning Hair

1) Kiwi Juice

Kiwi juice is loaded with vitamin E which is very vital for maintaining and enhancing the quality of hair. Consuming the needed amount of vitamin E leads to faster growth of strong hair. Kiwi is also known to improve the immunity system and a strong immunity leads to less hair fall. It works as a cleansing agent which helps to keep your hair cleaned and nourished but always dilute the juice before you use it.

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Spinach Juice for Stunning Hair

2) Spinach Juice

It is loaded with iron, minerals and essential vitamins. Spinach is considered as a boon for hair and skin. For people who are tired of itchy scalp and thin hair, spinach juice is there for you. Vitamin B, a very essential vitamin is found in great quantities in spinach. It makes your hair lustrous and stimulates the growth.

Guava Juice for Stunning Hair

3) Guava Juice

It is full of essential anti oxidants as well as vital nutrients such as folic acid, calcium, iron and many more. For consuming all the many benefits of it, you can make a juice for yourself. For getting rid of hair fall, you can boil the leaves of this amazing fruit for about 20 minutes and then apply.

Cucumber Juice for Stunning Hair

4) Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice is very good for enhancing the quality of your hair and for promoting hair growth. The enzymes present in it are known to combat hair loss and improve the circulation of hemoglobin to the follicles and cells of your hair. If you suffer from hair problems, the cucumber is your savior. Just drink one full glass of fresh cucumber juice daily and watch yourself fall in love with your stronger and healthier hair.

Strawberry Juice for Stunning Hair

5) Strawberry Juice

Your hair loves strawberries as much as you do. Vitamin C found in it assists in the increments of all proteins in body. This in turn stimulates the growth of hair as hair is made out of proteins. Applying crushed strawberries can actually add more shiny to your hair. It makes your hair nourished and beautiful than ever.

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Coriander Juice for Stunning hair

6) Coriander Juice

Coriander, also called cilantro, combats hair fall and stimulates hair growth. It has innumerous benefits and you can combine it with other vegetables to make your juice even more nourishing and tasty. All you need to do is crush and dilute coriander before using it.

So now that you know about so many healthy juices for the stunning hair, it is time to make one .

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