Healthy Foods for Healthy Nails


We often blame or give credit to genetics in all out traits. But when it comes to having beautiful nails or unhealthy nails, you just can’t blame genetics for the same. Your diet and lifestyle would play a key role in this. You may see that some people have nails which may not be quite stronger. Some people may have weak and peeling nails. Well, you don’t have to worry. There is remedy for almost everything. If you want “Healthy Nails” then you should change your diet and switch to good and healthy diet. A few nutrients would really help to keep your nails healthy. Just read on for more details.

healthy food for healthy nails

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The Nutrients and Diet for Healthy Nails:

Have enough protein in your diet:

You must know that nails are made out of keratin. If you take enough of proteins in your diet then you will boost the production of keratin which would keep your hair and nails healthy. Have more of Quinoa, beans, and meat substitutes like tofu.

Have enough zinc in your diet:

Some people would have poor diet and there would be hardly any zinc. Thus, there would be problems like brittle nails, spots in the nails and so on. You must take things like oysters and pumpkin seeds. These would give your body good amount of zinc.

Have lots of iron in diet:

If you have deficiency in iron then there would be thin nails. In that case you must take more of kale, spinach and salads. Over a period of time you will see that there would be healthy nails and hair.

Include biotin supplements:

Biotin is help in promotion of healthy cells and it is also something that can make your nails stronger. You must take foods that are rich in B vitamins. But sometimes you may still be low over the same. In that case you must start with vitamin B supplements or Biotin supplements.

Apart from all the above diets if you take some general care of your nails then you will see that your nails would really be quite stronger and healthier. You should massage the nails with olive oil once a day. You must also use warm water soaks to keep them clean. Use best quality hand lotions and also let that settle a bit on your nails as it would help in making nails moisturized. You must drink lots of water and all these things would contribute in keeping nails healthy.

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Nails are vital part of our body and so we should take steps to maintain the same. Our nails are exposed to pollution, chemicals and so many other dangers. Thus, often they may lose the strength and become weak. It is vital that through general care and your diet you make your nails healthy. While you are doing some work where harsh chemicals are involved you must see to it that your hands are covered with relevant gloves. This will help in protecting your nails.

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