Gram Flour for Natural Skin Glow and Beauty


Gram flour is something we have heard a lot of. We include that in our diets so as to enhance the diet with proteins. It has also been Grandmas advice and so when we were young we would hear a lot from her about how gram flour can give fair skin and a spot free skin. But we never would give it a try as we would not trust much. But, mind well, gram flour for natural skin glow is truly effective. You must use gram flour in your beauty regime so as to give your skin a great boost in look and texture. It helps in removing dirt from the skin and maintains the skin’s natural Ph balance. It can also work as a mild cleanser.

Gram Flour for Natural Skin

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Gram Flour for Natural Skin

Oily skin natural treatment:

If you have an oily skin and want to get rid of extra oil from your skin pores then you can use gram flour for the same. Make a paste out of gram flour, milk and turmeric and apply this on your face. This face pack would help in removing extra oil from your skin.

Dull skin treatment:

If you take some gram flour and mix it with rose water and apply this paste on your face, it would work well. This face pack helps in making skin bright and glowing. If you have had dull and tired looking skin then you can try this amazing face pack. You would get quick results. Even this face pack would help removing extra oil form the skin pores.

Treatment for dry skin:

If you have a dry skin then you can make a face pack out of fresh cream, gram flour and honey. This face pack would moisturize the dry skin and would help in removing dead skin cells too. Fresh cream and honey work very well as moisturizer and so this face pack would give your dry skin a natural glowing look.

Treatment for acne prone skin:

People who have an acne prone skin should use a natural face pack including gram flour, lemon juice and honey. This will remove extra oil from the pores and would cleanse the pores thoroughly.

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Treatment for blemishes:

If you have had blemishes on your skin then you should start with a cucumber and gram flour pack. This face pack should be applied and kept for 30 minutes. If you follow this remedy once every week, it would help you in reducing blemishes on the skin.

The above remedies are all natural and thus, gram flour for natural skin is really helpful for those looking of natural means of staying beautiful. We often underestimate the power of natural things. But, these natural treatments do work well. You must therefore try to include them in your beauty care regime so as to get wonderful spotless and flawless skin. Skin care is a matter of importance and so you should not ignore it at any cost.

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