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When you have the problem of frizzy hair it would mean that your hair needs nourishment. This can be in the way of proper conditioning or oiling. Some people feel that hair spa once a week or once in fifteen days can suffice as a treatment for frizzy hair. Some people feel that there is no point in using chemical based products and thus they wish to rely on natural remedies for frizzy hair. And yes, in a way it is good that when you try natural home remedies for frizzy hair then you can save lot of your time and money.

natural remedies for frizzy hair

We are mentioning a few tried and tested remedies for frizzy hair so that you can try them from the comfort of your home.

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Natural Remedies for Frizzy Hair

1. Mixture of almond oil and egg:

Both almond oil and eggs are quite nutritious for hair. You should make a mixture out of an egg and almond oil and then mix them both together and apply on your hair strands gently. You can use this as an oil base and then keep it for around 30 minutes. After that wash it off using normal water and baby shampoo.

2. Mixture of coconut oil and vitamin E oil:

You can find pure vitamin oil from any beauty or chemist store. Get that and mix pure coconut oil into it. You can take both in equal parts and then apply on your hair strands. After that you need to keep it as it is for around an hour. Once you are done with that you should wash off the hair with a good brand of shampoo meant specifically for dry and damaged hair.

3. Mixture of coconut oil and olive oil:

Both coconut oil and olive oils are good for hair. If you have dry and frizzy hair then all you can do is mix both the mentioned oils together in equal parts and after that you should heat it a bit so that it becomes warm. Now apply this on your hair strands and you can also massage this on your scalp. It not only helps in getting smoother hair but also helps you in making your body and head relaxed.

4. Mayonnaise and Almond oil:

Very few people have an idea that mayonnaise that you eat with your sandwich can be equally nourishing as a hair mask too. All you need to do is add a few drops of almond oil into mayonnaise and then apply this hair mask on all the hair strands. After keeping this mask for 20 minutes you can wash that off. Since this mixture is a bit sticky you need to use some vinegar to wash the hair.

5. Beer:

Beer is a popular beverage but apart from its popularity as a drink it also helps in hair nourishment. You can apply good quality beer on your hair and you will be surprised to see the results. The hair would become much smoother.

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The above remedies for frizzy hair are quite simple to follow. You can almost find things at your home or kitchen racks. Try these remedies now.

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