Follow these Steps to Get Rid of Makeup Stains


Makeup stains can happen at any time and over anything. Like, it might get stuck into your clothing or may be somewhere else. It may so happen that you had mistakenly kept mascara somewhere and by chance the furniture got the stain due to that. There are chances that the mail polish might fall on your carpet and so on. Well, don’t panic. Thankfully, we can remove the makeup stains. So, just follow the steps to Get Rid of Makeup Stains and move ahead in life as well!

steps to get rid of makeup stains

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Steps to Get Rid of Makeup Stains

The very first things you must know is, if possible, try to remove the stain as quick as possible. This is because the older stains take more time in going. Also, the treatment given to oil based makeup and water based makeup would be different when it comes to stain removal.

If you have mistakenly created stains in your blouse due to lipstick then you must try to soak that affected part in warm water and then the stain should go. But if that doesn’t happen then you can try alcohol too. Take a cloth and dip that in alcohol and then use that as a stain remover on the affected area.

If you have created nail polish stain on your garments then using the nail polish remover would be the best idea. In fact, the stain would get removed with this. But the only thing that you must keep in mind is your garment should not get damaged in the act.

If there is mascara stain on the clothes then you will have to give that for dry cleaning only. This is because; this would require professional cleaning at the laundry. The same thing holds true for hair dye too. Make sure that you clean it nicely or give that for dry cleaning.

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All the above tips are quite useful and you can say that they are effective steps to get rid of makeup stains. But, the most important thing that you must think of is, it would always be good to take a test first. Try to clean the area with just a bit of the cleaning agents. This is because; your dress might otherwise get damaged. So, while taking the test opt for the mirror test first and once you feel that this remedy is effective, you can continue with the same. Some garments might be sensitive enough and in the dilemma to remove the stain, you might end up damaging the entire garment. So, just be careful.

Also, while cleaning the garments, you must read the label on the same and if it is written that dry clean only then you must follow the instructions carefully. We hope you will find this article of steps to get rid of makeup stains useful. Happy cleaning!

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