Eyebrows for Square Face


Square faces normally have the same width at their fore head and jaw and a sharp square jaw line. It means that the faces look much more broader as it has a harsh square jaw line. A round face too has the same width at the jaw and the forehead. But there no strong angular features in the case of a round face and even the chin isn’t pointed. In the case of a square face, the chin is pointed. Square faces normally have a very pointed chin and prominent jaw line. Also they have a high forehead. But this can be easily fixed with the help of a few tips and tricks. Listed are a few tips on Eyebrows for Square face which will enhance the beauty of square shaped women and will prevent their faces from looking broader.Eyebrows for Square Face Women

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Eyebrows for Square Face:

1) Angled eyebrow Shape:

There are 2 angular eyebrow shapes- hard and soft angled. The soft angled shape has soft peaks and curves. The shape can have high, medium and low arches. High arches help to make the face look slimmer. The hard angled eyebrow shape will make your face look younger. This shape also makes your face appear longer. So this is the perfect shape for people with short faces. But on a few people, this shape would create a harsh look. The hard and soft angled eyebrows will make your face appear very delicate. This shape is actually straight but it gently curves around the top as well as down of the brows.

2) Curved eyebrow shape:

The curved eyebrow shape is also known as S shape. This shape is a bit similar to the soft angled eyebrow shape. It makes your face appear longer than usual. The shape starts with a slight curved line and is then rounded at the angle of your eyebrow. It is a blend of an angle and curve. This shape makes the eyebrow resemble the letter ‘S’. And hence it is known as the S shape. This S brow shape is known for its medium to high arch. You need to create a slight curve for this S shape. This shape goes extremely well on a square shaped face.

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3) Soft angled eyebrow shape:

The soft angled brow shape is an extremely well-defined one, but it is usually kept rounded in the beginning. The angles are not too sharp and soft. You can have high, medium and low arches, as per your preferences. You can also have a thick and thin angled eyebrow shape. If you want a dramatic look then opt for a high-angled eyebrow shape. But a soft angled eyebrow shape with very small arches is known as being the best. This shape makes your face appear much more feminine. Opt for a thick brow shape for a square face, if you have very strong cheek bones that compliment your face structure. The shape is straight and has soft curves at the top as well as bottom of the brows. A light color eyebrow pencil or a brow brush can help you in achieving this shape.

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