Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners


Eyes are considered as the doorway to our soul. We all love applying kohl, mascara, eye shadow and many other products to make our eyes look prettier. Eye makeup can be a little tricky and bad eye makeup can spoil our entire look. You don’t need to worry anymore as here are some handy tips to ace the perfect eye makeup.
Some handy eye makeup tips for beginners are listed below.

Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners

Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners:

1) Utilize a makeup remover so that your eyelids are grease/oil free. This will enable you to apply your eyeliner without any smudges for a perfect look.

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2) It is essential to apply the eyeliner extremely close to the lash line to make it appear as if it is actually a part of your natural lash line.

3) Use a pencil eyeliner for achieving soft smoky eyes. A pencil eyeliner is much more creamier and softer. Apply it on your eyelids and for making it appear much more natural, you can smudge with your fingers.

4) After crossing a certain age, most women feel that eyeliner can no longer be a part of their eye makeup. Instead of throwing out your eyeliners, use subtle colors such as grey and brown. Applying a lot of mascara will enhance your look.

5) It is advisable to start putting mascara from the roots and not from the tips of your lashes. This method does not weigh down your lashes and also provides enough volume for a perfect look.

6) Your eyelashes may appear clumpy at time but you can avoid it by coating your eyelashes with loads of mascara.

7) Make sure you do not pump the wand while you pull the mascara out. Instead swirl it as it will your mascara last for a longer duration.

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8) If you are making use of an eyelash curler after applying mascara, then make sure that the mascara on your eyes is little wet and not completely dry.

9) If you are applying mascara on your lower eyelashes then you have to place a tissue paper under your lashes as this will ensure a perfect smudge free look.

10) The method for applying eye shadow is to begin with an eye base or eye primer. Apply it all over your eye area.

11) Good quality brushes are a good investment as they provide better blending and last for a longer time. The fluffy brushes can be used for blending and the flat ones are perfect for depositing the eye shadow.

12) Before you apply the eye shadow , make use of a white pencil for your eyelids. This will make your eyes look more attractive as it makes the eye shadow color pop out.

13) If you are going for a look that includes smoky eyes, make use of a creamy eye pencil for an intense and bold look.

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14) A blotting paper is perfect for removing the excess eye shadow as it does not disturb the eyeliner.

15) Blow-dry your curler before curling the eyelashes as it will curl your lashes almost instantly.

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