The Effects of Hormones on Hair Loss


Hair is a symbol of beauty and every woman, I repeat every woman longs for beautiful, strong and shiny hair. Good hair not just makes you feel beautiful but it imbibes confidence and does a truck load of good to your self esteem. Hair is the most prized possession of every girl. Going through a tough time? Get yourself a new hair cut. Bored of your look? Color your hair. Hair indeed is that one thing every woman takes very seriously. So isn’t watching your beautiful locks turn dull and thinner the greatest source of worry? There are various reasons of hair loss and hormonal imbalances is one of the chief causes. Hair loss actually is a normal process and an average person sheds about fifty to hundred hair strands in a day but it can be treated by addressing hormonal problems and underlying health.

 The Effects of Hormones on Hair Loss


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Four Hormone Horrors that lead to Hair Loss:

1) Excess estrogen

Estrogen is considered as the power player in a woman’s body and is extremely beneficial when it’s balanced. It contributes to a healthy sex drive, stabilizes your mood and keeps you feeling energized . But too much of anything is bad and excess estrogen which is caused by perimenopasue , weight gain as well as toxicity from submission to endocrine disruptors ( which are present in food, water and plastic products. ) can cause hair thinning. During as well as after pregnancy the estrogen level tends to dip and peak leading to sudden hair fall for some women.

2) Insulin issues

Insulin known as the helper hormone is responsible for regulating the blood sugar levels. It also affects various different body processes including heart health , fat storage and yes hair growth. According to a study published in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Risk, women with high insulin resistance have a higher risk of androgenic alopecia ( AGA ) known as female pattern baldness.

3) Tricky testosterone

Testosterone is related to being hairy, big and burly in men. But in case of women, too much of testosterone isn’t good as it results in all sorts or unpleasant results. It can lead to hair growth on the chest, face or neck and hair loss on the head. It is indeed very frustrating and can affect the self esteem of women.

4) Thyroid Woes

The body is an extremely intelligent system. So when your body is under a lot of stress due to hormonal imbalances such as fluctuating thyroid levels, it directs the energy utilized for unimportant processes like hair growth to more important matters like balancing the hormone levels. Low thyroid is one of the chief causes of hair thinning.

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Here are some ways in which you can maintain your beautiful locks :

1) Get tested:

Hair loss happens for a number of reasons so it’s better to get yourself tested. Get your iron levels as well as fasting glucose and the complete blood count.

2) Eat right

Include fiber in your daily diet to lower your estrogen levels. Focus more on a low-carbohydrate , high –protein diet will a lot of veggies as this will improve your insulin resistance. Eat some quality vitamins too as lack of nutrients leads to hair.

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