Effective Yoga Asanas Which Helps to cure Diabetes


Diabetes is one of the major reasons to visit doctor. High percentage of worldwide population especially people above 40s are suffering from this disease. Ineffective use of insulin or lack of insulin in our body is the cause of diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the diseases which need time to be cured. People after consulting a doctor starts medicine and expect miracle to happen.  Unfortunately diabetes cannot be cured by miracles rather it needs exercises and yoga to be practised in routine basis and for long duration. No medication is as effective as exercise and yoga is in diabetes.

yoga for diabetes

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7 Effective Yoga Poses that you need to Practice if you are Suffering from Diabetes

1. Pranayaam:

Breathing deeply while sitting in a lotus pose. Numbers of exercises are done just by doing variation in style of breathing. Deeply inhale and deeply exhale oxygenates your blood and helps in blood circulation. There are number of pranayaams that you can practice like- Anulon vilom, Kapalbhati, Bhastrika and narishodan.

2. Setubandhasana:

Lay down on floor by resting your back on floor. Place your hands in side and touch the floor with your palms. Bend your knees such that your feet sole touches the floor. Then start lifting your buttocks region upward. Hold for few seconds and repeat the same for 10-12 times. This pose helps to control the blood pressure, improves digestion and relaxes the mind.

3. Balasana:

Sit on floor while placing your hips on your heels. Exhale and raise your arms up your head and bend forward so that your forehead touches the floor. Keep in this position for 1-2 minutes and then relax. This pose helps in relieving stress, calms the mind and stretches the hips, knees and ankle muscles.

4. Vajrasana:

To do this pose, sit on the floor; fold your knees in such a manner that your hip touches your heels. Put your hands on your thighs. Breathe deeply and sit for 4-5 minutes. This asana help you to relax your mind and muscles.

5. Halasana:

Lay down the floor and raise your feet. Slowly take them behind your head and make sure that your toes touch the floor. Hold the position for minute. This pose good for bad posture or people having backache. It also helps in simulating thyroid glands and keeps check on your hormones level.

6. Dhanurasana:

Lay down on floor on your stomach. Bend your knees and try to hold them with your hands. Then try to pull yourself backward such that you make a bow shape. Hold the position for 1 minute. This pose strengthens your hips, spine muscles. It also relive your from constipation and simulate for reproductive organs.

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7. Surya Namaskaar:

Also called sun salutation. It is the combination of 12 poses together. Ideal time is in morning during sunrise. This pose targets your whole body. Start doing this asana for 3 times and gradually you can increase the repetition. 

Practising yoga is effective and time proven method to control your diabetes. It helps you to control both type of diabetes. Have patience and practice it regularly. In yoga we have the cure of almost all the disease and diabetes is one of them. Yoga can cut your diabetes problem from roots.

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