Effective Teeth Whitening Tips


Most of the people conceal their yellow teeth in the pictures. Today, appearance matters and having brown or yellow teeth can create a bad impression. Some people who brush twice a day have yellow teeth as they drink too many cups of coffee or smoke too much. Your teeth are actually the first thing people notice and having bad teeth can give a signal that you are careless and don’t care about your teeth whitening and health. If you are headed for a big meeting or a day out with your friends, you might want to read this article.

Teeth Whitening Tips

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Here are 4 Extremely Brilliant and Effective ways of Teeth Whitening:

1) Brush after eating or drinking

The most effective way is to simply brush your teeth after drinking or eating anything. This can be a bit hard sometimes especially on lazy days but this is one of the best tips. Most of the foods you eat don’t really stain your teeth but if you are a smoker or a coffee addict then you are very likely to have discolored teeth. You should get your teeth cleaned once in 3 months as well as follow this tip.

2) Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

This acts as a brilliant natural teeth whitener. Many people have tried it out and their free and happy smiles are the proof that this is one of the best ways to whiten the teeth. Mix a little baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to make paste. Brush your teeth with this paste everyday. Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent anti bacterial agent and works as a gum cleanser and mouth cleanser. It keeps your mouth germ free. Baking soda is gritty like a sandpaper so ensure that you have adequate amount of hydrogen peroxide mixed with it. If you do not do so then there are chances that your enamel might come out and enamel cannot be fixed back again. Make a runny paste instead of a stiff paste, it shouldn’t be gritty at all.

3) Coconut oil pulling

Most people are unaware that coconut oil can be used to whiten teeth. All you need to do is put one spoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish the oil between your teeth for five to twenty minutes. You can even put a couple of drops of coconut oil on your brush and simply brush your teeth or add a few drops of coconut oil to a clean cloth and rub it on. Coconut oil can do wonders for your teeth and you must surely give it a try.

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4) Lemon or orange peels

Lemon and orange peels are also very handy for teeth whitening. These fruits are very effective and healthy but the acid content present in them may wear off the enamel. So if you use these peels, always ensure that you rinse your mouth thoroughly after it. A wonderful mouth rinse is hydrogen peroxide. You can use half hydrogen peroxide and half water, swish the mix in your mouth for a minute before rinsing.

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