Easy Way to Apply Concealer


Concealer is one of the most vital beauty products and is a total must have. It can add a beautiful glow to your dull face, cover up all the blemishes, lighten your dark circles and make you look completely flawless. Most of the women use concealer, but do not apply it in the right manner. It is very vital to apply concealer in the perfect way to achieve the flawless look. This article will tell you how to apply concealer in the perfect manner using some simple steps. So, open up your make up bags, remove your precious concealer and begin!

Easy Way to Apply Concealer

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Easy Ways to Apply Concealer:

1) Choose your Concealer

Concealer comes in various colors and shapes. So it very vital to analyse your skin and to determine the perfect concealer for yourself. What are you trying to hide? Your stubborn dark circles? Or the hideous pimples? Opt for a concealer that is tinted green or yellow for skin discoloration, this will cover all your dark and red spots. For under eye circles or scars, opt for concealer one or two shades lighter than your actual skin color.

  • Use a pencil concealer if you have acne. The pointed edge of a pencil concealer makes it easier to apply it near the acne.
  • Test the skin tone concealer on the face rather than testing on the hands for getting a perfect color match. Ensure that you aren’t wearing any make up while testing the concealer.

2) Prep your Face

Before applying the concealer, rinse your face with a mild cleanser and then gently apply a good moisture. Use  a q-tip and a make up remover for getting rid of the darkness underneath your eyes which might be caused due to your mascara. Your concealer is the most important as well as the 1st step while applying make up. If you apply the concealer perfectly, the rest of the make up will look flawless too.

3) Cover up your Under Eye Circles

Use your finger tips or a concealer brush to dab the concealer underneath your eyes. Begin from the inner corner at the nose bridge and proceed to the outer corner at the outer eyelash line. Now blend it around the edges to prevent any change in your skin tone and that of the concealer.

  • Don’t rub the concealer around the eyes, the skin her is very gentle and gets damaged easily. Just tap the concealer with the brush or your fingers for blending it.

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4) Apply Concealer to Acne and Spots

If you have dark spots, acne, scars, birthmarks or sun spots, now you can easily cover them up. Just dab the concealer on the spot and then blend gently outwards to your skin. Do not use too much concealer as it leads to a caked on look. If you have pimples, then never use your fingers, make use of a good brush to apply the concealer.

5) Set your Concealer

Once the blemishes have been covered, apply some foundation over the concealer.

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