Easy and Effective Remedies for Back Ache


Unfortunately majority of population is suffering from lower back pain. It is one of the top five reasons for people to get hospitalized. There are number of reasons that cause severe back pain like you have lifted something heavy, sitting in front of computer for long durations, accidents, sports injury or its age.

Back pain does not happen with single situation but it happens because of combination of these situations over the passage of time. The medical reasons of chronic lower back pain are because of problem happening in ligaments around the spine, bony lumbar spine, spinal cord and nerves, internal organ of pelvis and abdomen.  Now your back is out of order and you expect some miracle to happen to get out of this agony.

There is no certain cure of this problem. You have to wait till the miracle happens. Actually you have to do hit and trial method and have to find out which cures suits you best and giving relief to you. Unless you have some disc injury medically doctors may not be able to do much for you. The treatment of sore back pain can be done by doing simple home remedies and taking few precautions in daily routine. Here are the few Remedies for back ache: 

Quick Remedies for Back Ache:

Shed the Pounds:

shed the pounds

Extra weight on your body results in extra stress on your body parts and joints. If you have more fat in belly area that will result in strain on you back. Change your eating plans and try to maintain your body mass index ratio.

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exercise - remedies for back ache

Exercise is something that will cure your back pain permanently. Try to do some low impact exercise like swimming, yoga or you can hit a gym 2-3 times a week. Doing these type exercises will also help to reduce your weight and get lower back pain relief.

Desk ergonomics:

Desk ergonomics - remedies for back ache

If you have sitting job in front of computer and you are not following proper desk ergonomics then you are definitely welcoming the backache. Make sure your computer is directly in front of you and should be 20 inch away from your eyes. Make sure your forearms and wrists are parallel to the floor. Sit straight and never bend your back and don’t forget to take breaks in between.

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Sleep properly:

Woman Sleeping - remedies for back ache

Sleeping will make your spine and muscles to relax and will help to reduce the pain. You can increase your sleep by number of means like meditation, stress reducing activities, having proper diet and reduction of caffeine in your diet.

Massage your back:

back massage - remedies for back ache

You can take the help of your partner, friend or room-mate for doing this activity. Take 2 tablespoon of oil heat it up and then apply on your back for doing massage from down to upward position with your figures. Do this activity for 10 minutes. Wintergreen, marjoram or sandalwood oil will do.

Change your mattresses:

change your mattress - remedies for back ache

It is also the major contributor to your back pain. Sleeping on soft and sagging mattresses will severely affect the position of our spine and will slowly results in lower back pain.

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With these remedies you can significantly reduce the back pain. But these have to follow regularly and for long period of time. 

Prevention is better than cure. So try to prevent the situations which lead to backache. Follow the healthy and active routine and live happy life.

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