How to Dress According to your Body Type


All women are beautiful but by wearing the wrong clothes you might not look as gorgeous as you really are. It is good to experiment and try new clothes but if you want to look good everyday then it is very essential to dress according to your body type. Skirts look flattering on some women while some women look sexy in jeans. If you want to be known as a fashion diva then listed below are simple steps on how to dress according to your body type.

simple steps on how to dress according to your body type

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Simple Steps on How to Dress According to your Body Type:

1) If you are a Circle

If you have a bigger belly then you should go for clothes which are but a loose at the middle section. This way you can hide your stomach and if it is tight on your arms, then you can show off those toned arms. You must simply avoid things which attract attention to your belly such as a belt or a high rise pants. You should definitely buy some slim cut pants, a beautiful slim dress and a tunic as well.

2) If you are an Hourglass

With a narrow waist, full hips and ample chest, hourglass shape appears to be evenly proportioned but it may look as if it is actually all angles. You are blessed with wonderful curves and wear clothes which flatter your curves. You must avoid tunics, baby doll dresses as well as cardigans which are oversized. You will look gorgeous in high waist pants , V neck tops and wrap dresses.

3) If you are a Triangle

The triangle shape means torso and shoulders are narrower as compared to the hips. You must get rid of all skinny jeans and silk skirts which cling to your body. You will look like a diva in wide leg pants, boat neck tops, tailored jackets as well as A line skirts. These clothes will not make your hips look too big and will make you even more gorgeous than you are. But get rid of all the fabrics which make your hips look wider.

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4) If you are a Rectangle

With very less definition at the waist, your figure is known as the boyish figure as your body is mostly straight from top to bottom. You have to get rid of all the flowy gowns that are simply hanging in your wardrobe, clothes which are extremely tight and empire waist skirts are a big no. You can definitely go for clothes which fit you snugly in your mid section but at the bottom, flare out. You can fill your wardrobe with boot cut pants, feminine tops which make your bust look bigger and belly small, fitted jackets and gorgeous flair skirts.

So, now that you know which clothes are perfect for your body type, it is time to go shopping. Shop according to your body shape and you will look gorgeous when you wear your new clothes. So, what are you waiting for? Happy shopping!

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