Does Hypertension Leads to Hair Loss


Hypertension means high blood pressure. We often connect hypertension with so many other health ailments and complications. But it is important to note that the real culprit of hair loss is not hypertension but some of the medications as associated with the same. It is true that stress causes hypertension as well as hair loss. But if you are bringing about change in lifestyle and reducing stress in your life then you can control hair loss as well. But if certain hypertension related medications is causing hair loss then in that case reducing the dose or leaving such medications might be the only solution. In that case you will have to rely on the natural means of reducing high blood pressure or the alternative ways. Thus controlling hypertension for hair loss would be an important step.

Does Hypertension Leads to Hair Loss

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How would Hypertension Medications Affect Hair ?

The most common medications for high blood pressure would be beta blockers. But the side effects of this would extend to hair loss and hair thinning. In one way beta blockers are most effective for hypertension. But if that will affect hair then you should report the case to the doctor. Rather than hair loss what happens is thinning of the hair shaft. If you want your hair thinning issue to be treated then the first thing you should do is talk to doctor and stop this medications and change the medications. However, make sure that this should be done only after doctors’ recommendation.  Soon after this the treatment for hair loss should be started.

But High Blood Pressure Should be Under Control

It is important that high blood pressure should remain under control. Often after beta blockers are stopped there would be elevation of high blood pressure. But if you modify the lifestyle a bit then there can be benefits as such.

  • You should reduce the intake of salt and this will have positive effect on your health.
  • Reduce intake of processed foods and thrive more on fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • You must indulge in exercises and also yoga. This will make you healthy and fit.

Thus a few lifestyle changes can help in controlling blood pressure naturally.

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Hair Thinning Solutions

You must also look out for hair thinning solutions. Using good brand of shampoo and natural conditioning products would help you reduce the hair breakage. Also, there should be more relevance on healthy diet. Intake of foods like fruits, veggies and health supplements can help in gaining a better health. Often if you have poor diet, that will show in your hair too. People who lack nutrition in diet have thin hair strands. If you want naturally thick hair then you need to work out a bit and have healthier food choices. The first instance of hair loss would be seen in the hair line. Thus as soon as you see such symptoms you should take action to control hair thinning and hair loss.

Hair is your asset and you should therefore nourish and nurture same.

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