Do you Take Shower Right Way ?


Taking a shower is daily routine for most of the people. Rather than using the traditional method of taking a bath using the bucket and mug. Taking is a shower is a quick method to get fresh and gain new zest in the body. If you follow the right steps then you will get a refreshing as well as hygienic bath. Here are some of the steps that you need to take in order to make your shower and bath a perfect experience.

shower tips

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Steps you Need to Follow for a Shower

1. When you want to take a shower, you should remove your clothes and place them in laundry or washing bag. This is important because if the clothes get wet then there would be smell coming from it. Also, you must take off your glasses and if at all you are wearing contact lens then you must remove them too.

2. Set the water: You should now set the water and see when it is warm. When you get the comfortable temperature, you should set that. Let the water come and you should start your bath. This way you would get clean. But, make sure that you save your ears from shower. This is because if too much of water gets into your ears then there might be problem in hearing or there might be pain in your ears.

3. If you don’t want your hair to get wet then perhaps you should wear a shower cap before you start taking a shower.

4. If you want to wash your hair too, then when your hair gets wet, apply shampoo into your hair and let it lather. Wash off the hair thoroughly. You should follow the same routine for your body too.

5. You must also apply the hair conditioner and then again wash of the hair.

6. Do not forget to wash your face and neck properly.

7. If you want to shave the under arms then this would be the best time to do that. This is because shaving off in wet skin would really be a good choice.

8. After you are done with everything, just check if there is nothing left on your skin. If you leave soap on the skin then it would irritate you later. Thus make sure that you check out that whether all soap is gone or not.

9. After you finish off your bath, just make sure that you close the shower taps properly.

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When you step out of the shower, things would be quite slippery and thus you should be highly careful. After you are done with this, just make your body dry with the towel. Now, is the time to apply deodorant!

We often think that taking a shower is just another task. But if you do it properly then you can really save so much of your time. You will really enjoy a good shower and when you have good bath, you will gain a lot of zest.

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