Do we make Mistakes that Leads to Hair Damage ?


No one wants to damage hair or skin. This is because; hair is something you can look beautiful with, if you take care of the same properly. But unknowingly we might make many mistakes that lead to hair damage, hair breakage and dull hair. So, all we want to do is, make you aware that if you make some mistakes which you might not even know that you are making then that would have negative repercussions on your beautiful hair strands. So, just go through the mistakes that lead to hair damage and try to rectify them at the earliest.

do-we-make-mistakes-that-leads-to-hair damage

Common Mistakes that leads to Hair Damage

It is important that we gain awareness about the mistakes that we are making so that we can take steps to not repeat them.

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Brushing the wet hair:

We might be in a hurry but never try to comb wet hair. Let the hair dry up first. Only after that it would be apt to comb them.

Using too many heating tools:

We like looking superb and with well combed and treated hair. But if we use more of heating tools then it would dry up the hair. If you use hair dryer frequently and also the other heating tools then that would make hair dull and dry. Again, such hair would look good when you go out. But later, they would be prone to breakage and damage. If it is quite important to use heat tools then make sure you apply the protectant before and after using the heat.

You want to look perfect with tight hair:

Some people prefer tight and neat hair. But too much tightness can put pressure on scalp and hair shafts. In that case, the hair would be more prone to breaking. Make sure you take a bit light step towards this. Avoid tight hair.

Using harsh chemicals on hair:

Some people are quite obsessed about their hair and they want to color them every now and then. Using organic colors would be a good idea. Always prefer organic over chemicals. This is because, the harsh chemicals can make your hair dry and damaged.

Sometimes, we don’t even realize that what we are doing is a big mistake that can take away the luster and shine of your hair. Make sure that you avoid such mistakes because, then the damage would be too much and you would not have any option left.

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It is better to follow a good hair regime. This will make sure that you have smooth and well nourished hair. The right way of massaging the scalp and hair, the right way of shampooing and conditioning are vital for having good hair. You may have long hair or short hair. But what matters the most is, whether your hair are filled with natural luster or not! We hope now you know about mistakes that lead to hair damage. Avoid them and take care of your hair.

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