Do Dandruff and Pimples go Hand in Hand ?


We have always considered different remedies to treat dandruff and to treat pimples. But the question is what to do when the pimples on the face might be due to dandruff? Yes, dandruff do cause pimples on face and scalp. Thus you can say that dandruff and pimples go hand in hand. In fact, some of the skin experts even suggest that the dandruff related skin damage is much more than to the hair. If you already have an oily and acne prone skin then dandruff would cause pimples for sure. This is because the flaky and dry skin on the scalp would fall off the on the skin and if you have oily skin then this would get captured within the pores and would cause acne.

Do Dandruff and Pimples go Hand in Hand ?

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Best and Effective ways to Get Rid of Dandruff and Pimples

Here we mention to you a healthy hair and skin regime which you should follow step by step so that you can get rid of acne due to dandruff.

1. Apply ginger and beetroot pack on your hair and scalp: Both ginger and beetroot are good for dry scalp with dandruff. Crush some ginger and boiled beetroot and then apply this on your scalp. Keep this pack for 30 minutes and then shampoo your hair. Now your hair is quite clean. But this remedy should be used twice or thrice a week depending upon the dandruff intensity.

2. Massage your hair with warm olive oil and coconut oil mix. This will add moisture and hydration on your scalp. Thus, you can get rid of dry and itchy scalp too.

3. Now, coming towards your face, if you have an oily skin then you should make it a practice to wash your face twice a day with a good face wash.

4. Apart from that, use lemon, honey and yogurt face pack for your skin so that your skin can get cleansed with all these ingredients naturally.

5. You should even use sugar and honey scrub once a week to exfoliate the skin. This will help you cleanse the skin pores from within. But after exfoliation make sure you apply a good water based moisturizer.

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If you follow the above mentioned healthy hair and skin regime then you can avoid both dandruff and pimples. You must also eat healthy and nutritional foods like fresh fruits, green and leafy vegetables, green tea with tulsi leaves and carrot juice everyday. This will make your immune system better and would also help you fight naturally with dandruff. Both, dandruff and pimples are due to poor nutrition and bad hair and skin regime. It is therefore important to take good care of what you eat and also drink gallons of water through out the day.

The good news is that, both hair care and skin care can be done with natural ingredients. We often forget this and rely only on cosmetic products. But there is nothing as good as natural remedies for dandruff and pimples and many other skin and hair conditions.

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